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  1. xstellax

    xstellax Member

    Where to start?? I've decided to start my own diary today, mainly to help keep myself on the straight and narrow but if I can help/support someone else then great!!

    A little background info about me... I'm a 24 year old serial dieter. I've been overweight all my life and have tried pretty much everything. I managed to lose 35 pounds at the begging of the year on slim and save (yay!) but have since put it all back on (nay!)

    I'll post all my stats below but I weighed myself this morning - 250lbs, the heaviest I've ever been. I actually cried. Yep I stood on the scales and cried for a full 5 minutes. After pulling myself together I've decided I cannot fail, I'm far too young to continue being this overweight, I can only imagine the strain on my heart.

    My plan is to do

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  3. Lovehatecarbs

    Lovehatecarbs Silver Member

    I've just started low carb again this week on day 4 today so hoping to feel a bit better - carb craving and low mood last couple of days. I lost 2 dress sizes last time I did this and was able to stick at it for a while.

    When did you start? How are you getting on? Forum is a bit quiet on low carbers/Atkins this time?
  4. xstellax

    xstellax Member


    I posted that before I finished typing and then couldn't be bothered to go back and edit lol but omg yes the atkins/low carb forums are ridiculously quiet :(

    Anyways.... I started on Sunday 1st, weighed myself this morning and I've lost 11 pounds yay! I know it's mostly water weight but I'm happy losing any weight :)

    In all honesty, I've been quite miserable this week. Headaches, mood swings and achey legs but I'm battling through. I had similar pains when I was on slim and save so I knew what to expect.

    I haven't really had any carb cravings so happy about that. I've found that planning my meals in advance is key, no wondering thoughts about what to eat for lunch.

    How are you doing? Feeling better yet?

    Stella x

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  5. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Hi and welcome:)
  6. Lovehatecarbs

    Lovehatecarbs Silver Member

    Thanks! Week 1 done! 4lb gone which for me is fab! 9lb to go which is really difficult to shift.
  7. xstellax

    xstellax Member

    4lb, that's great! It's always a good feeling seeing the scales go down, are you doing any exercise alongside low carbing?

    DAY 7 - Woke up in a good mood today which is good news for everyone around me haha :) Appetite has gone :( I battled my way through my dinner last night but struggled with breakfast this morning so I had half an Atkins day break bar. I really didn't want to use the bars as I've heard they can stall weight loss (and i'd rather eat real food) and only bought them for emergencies but unfortunately I couldn't stomach the idea of eating so it was that or nothing... Ah well, still staying positive :)
  8. Lovehatecarbs

    Lovehatecarbs Silver Member

    Hope you find your appetite soon! Struggling with exercise - I did day 1 of couch to 5k last Saturday but pain flare up since and totm - seeing rheumatologist on Monday so I'll find out if I'm allowed to run - can't get into anything else
  9. xstellax

    xstellax Member

    Officially 2 weeks in and 20lbs down! Still a long way to go but I'm super happy. I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how easy I'm finding the diet. No cheating and no cravings. I had a dodgy first week (mood swings etc) but this second week has been great. Settled into a routine and I'm finding it quite easy to follow. I'm also going to be staying on induction for a while longer, probably another 4 months... Obviously depending on how much I lose during this time.

    I've been planning all my meals for the week on a Saturday or Sunday and trying to cook all my dinner for the week Sunday night, so when I get home after work in the evenings all I need to do is heat it up! I'm also making my lunch (usually salads) the night before ready to take to work in the morning. I think this is definitely helping. I just need to keep the motivation to keep doing it.

    Most days I have breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack and then dinner. If I'm still hungry in the evenings I'll have a little snack after dinner such as celery sticks but I'm usually not hungry again before I go to bed.

    Overall, so far so good and looking forward to the next few months and the weight coming off. Yay me!

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  10. xstellax

    xstellax Member

    Spoke too soon! Had an argument with my now ex boyfriend on Thursday evening and totally fell off the wagon :(

    But after my massive carb overload this weekend, I've decided it's time to stop wallowing and get back on track, so I'll be restarting tomorrow (mon 23rd June) and won't be falling off again!

    Absolutely dreading my weigh in tomorrow morning, but I've already prepared myself for the worse... Whatever the outcome, I have no one to blame but myself!

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