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Surviving Christmas

I've had to start planning Christmas now so that i can sort myself out and buy relevant ingredients slowly (so that i dont get tempted to break ss).

Found a great few tips in "easy living" mag:
*Coat your turkey/chicken in apple juice instead of oil
*Raise up the meat onto a metal grill rack intead of letting it sit in its juices
*Avoid brandy and wine, stick to white spirits (vodka and gin being the best)
*Twiglets and pretzels are better for you than crisps and crackers

Could go on...
Found this on tinterweb, thought it may be a good read for some of us that are planning to eat something over Crimbo. If we're going to do some damage - let's not go mad eh?
Christmas Diet Tips

Anyone else got any tips? I'm definately upping my water intake before & after Christmas to try and limit the damage and stop me snacking.

Bloo Grapefroot xx
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You are SO much more organised than me. I am definitely planning to eat - Christmas is all about food - I adore my christmas turkey!

I'm going to give myself 1 day - Christmas day - to eat what I like, on the condition that I drag my whole family out for a good long walk to burn off a few calories. I won't go mad, but I won't deny myself either. Because if I do, I'll end up feeling sorry for myself, start crying and doing the 'woe is me' thing and end up binging BIG TIME!

I'm hoping to stick to the diet for the rest of the season! But your diet tips will be helpful if I struggle.

Bet you do better than I do!
I'm letting myself have anything too - i just KNOW that i'll go way overboard.
If i limit myself now, i wont sit here watching those blooming M&S adverts dribbling.

Ferrero Rocher IS definately happening though xxxxxx
Oh my god those M&S adverts are hypnotic i can't take my eyes off them when they come on telly. Well done Leah on being so organised apple juice instead of oil sounds lush


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ferrero rocher are very yummy but heres a suggestion
tesco is selling little boxes with JUST FOUR chocolates in them
instead of having a big sized full box of FR in the house why not get yourself just the four?
i am even givibg them as little stocking fillers
theyre doing baileys liquors and other types of christmas chocs in fours too
Ohhh...I love Ferrero Rocher!!!!

I have a SW recipe at home for them and they are just as nice....hmmm, might just do some cooking with Jessica!
I think I'll be ok xmas

1 - am a vegi so ill stuff up on steamed veg
2 - dont like chocolate

Only think ill fail miserably on is the drinking... worked it out the other day that i have 40 units in a weekend...thats bad isnt it :S :D:D, All the house paries and gigs i go too its unavoidable!!
We get one of those big ferrero rocher between us, and ive never been able to eat more than about 4 cos they get sickly - :(
Is anyone planning to stick to SS over christmas & not eat at all?
I've only just restarted on Monday & have about 5st to lose :cry:
I don't drink alcohol but i love chocolate.
I want to stick to SS but with 4 young kids it might be a little hard to resist the chocs.
you gotta decide either to SS, or not to. Whatever you do - STICK TO IT! I'm taking chrimbo eve, day and boxing day off but SSing over NY.
If youve just started then crimbo will be on your AAM week???


please try again
im going to take crimbo day off and have a small carb lite dinner and thats it
think if i didnt
1 it would be miserable for my wee girl if i didnt join in ( am single mum )
2 would feel like i missed out on christmas though i can celebrate it normally ( minus mountains of food ) when im at target
I'm on aamw at Christmas but would rather SS as I'm at the mother out laws and don't want her moaning and talking behind my back about how inconsiderate I am being and how much bother it is for her (even if I took my own food) she's a tyrant but I can't wait to see her, she huffed and puffed when I told her I'm doing this so ha in your face, I'll be 3 stone down when I see her again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, got carried away. The way I see it (sorry I'm brainwashed by CD) Christmas is only one day, it's only one meal and if I'm doing this then it's a lifestyle change for the rest of my life so let's get it done, dusted and for once in my pudgy life actually lose over Christmas and I intend to sit proudly being incredibly smug while the others are binging. I've not drank for three years (baby, breast fed till october 5th!!!) so I'd be on the floor after a sniff of a snowball xx
Good for you sarah! You'll have to take a pic of the look on the evil ones face when she sees you!!!

You've done sooooooooo well xxxxxx
What was on the kitchen bench when I came in from work this evening? Marks and Spencer deep filled mince pies!!! :eek:

I didn't eat any! :D
Wow, you have a lot of strength!

Bloody M&S!

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