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Hi everyone.. I am a VERY big Canadian Newbie. I am wondering if anyone else is from Canada? I signed up on bodyoptimise.com and this "way of life" seems to fit me to a "t"!
My question is.. since I see that rice is "free" and fish is free, it is safe to assume that sushi would be free? (fish and rice only) and if I were to add avocado to that, it woud count as a syn? do I have this correct?
You all seem to be such a supportive community and I can't wait to contribute more!
thanks again
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its not toally free as far as i know cause of the mirin and rice vinegar but i think the syn value is very low.

unless you jus make the sushi yourself without the above then it would be free

but yes adding advocado is syns :)

Yeah, don't worry, all vinegar is free. Sushi usually does contain a small amount of syns, but I think that's more becaue of things like small amounts of sugars, oils etc. added to the rice/cooking process. I ADORE sushi, and as I hardly ever use 'enough' syns, I quite happily stuff my face with it on the odd occasion I get the chance (living 50 miles from any source of sucsi does linit my intake, unfortunately ;-))

Have you used the search box, up in the top right? If you pop in 'sushi syns' you'll find quite a few sushi threads, as well as one very helpful on that has made very educated guesstimantes on YO! Sushi syns.

Hope that helps
The reason why the majority of 'bought' sushi is so highly synned is because SW are a bit lazy with their syn values on EE.

Basically on the old 'green' days the fish was synned and on an old 'red' day the rice was synned- when EE came out SW told us to take the lower syn value of the two, but this doesn't really work with things like sushi.

I class most sushi as free- be careful of things like sesame seeds, mayo and occasionally sugar added to the rice (roasted seaweed also has a miniscule amount of syns, but I only count 1 syn for this for a good few portions of sushi), but if you know the ingredients are just fish, tofu, rice, veg and vinegar then go for it
I don't know anything about sushi, but I do know that there is someone who posts on here who lives in Canada - she's called BritMuminCanada and can probably give you tips on free/low syn canadian branded products that you might not be able to find on syns online (or is there a Canadian Slimming world site, not sure?)

She also has a brilliant blog with loads of SW friendly recipes - google "Slimmingeats" and you should find it

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