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Vegetarian who lives2eat
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Well, thought I would be adventurous when i saw all the stuff for making Sushi in Tesco, bought all the ingredients and the mat to roll them up with, I made 2 types, advocado and red pepper and spring onion with the sticky rice and rice wine and wasabi mix. I was very impressed with the way they turned out, but OMG they were disgusting.The seaweed wrap smells and tastes awful. the filling was lovely but the wrap was so overpowering.yuk yuk yuk.
whats that about sticking to what you know! think they may have a point:eek:
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oh no! but then seaweed IS an acquired taste LOL, it can be quite overpowering. Very impressed that you made the effort, I love sushi.


Vegetarian who lives2eat
G: 11st0lb
I dont know what made me think I would like it, suppose I was thinking it would be quite a mild taste, if I could use something else as a wrap it would be ok. any ideas?
I think sushi is is an aquired taste - i hated it the first time i had it and cant get enough now!

They sometimes cover the rice with seeds (seaseme i guess) instead which is nice or just have the rice in a block and layer the fish/veg on top?
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you can just use the sticky rice and leave out the seaweed altogether. To keep the shape in the sushi mat, just use cling film and then chill for a bit still wrapped in cling film



Vegetarian who lives2eat
G: 11st0lb
great ideas will give that a go,it looks so fantastic on the plate ,just the thing for having when you have friends round.


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I've still not tried sushi, but do keep meaning to. Everytime i go to the food court, I think, yep i'll try it, then back out and go and get a jacket potato. Oh well, one day I will bite the bullet, so to speak.:)
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I did this last week and the 1st time I made them they were lush, then the 2nd time I ended up throwing it in the bin, think you need to use minimum seaweed wrap so the taste isn't overpowering.
it's like rolling a cigarette, you need as little paper as possible so that's not the main taste, if you get what I mean? x


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I LOVE sushi... and I love the seaweed bit too! :) I can't offer any more suggestions than what's already been said, but well done for actually making it! You gotta get a bit of a knack for it. I bought a book on it. The japanese take it sooooo seriously. I guess that's why they're managed to make it into such an art form. It's one of my most favourite things on earth!


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Well done, that was very brave. I really don't fancy sushi at all and can't see myself ever trying it!


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I could live off sushi and regularly make my own as it can be quite expensive otherwise.

If you don't like the seaweed, you could try making individual 'nigri' instead of rolls. These are the oblongs of rice, a tiny bit of wasabi and then topped with an oblong of topping- suggestions would be salmon, roasted peppers, omelette or king prawn

Maybe an option if you fancy having another go?


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