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Have put a bit on so need to get a bit off

I, very successfully, lost 3 1/2 stone with Exante Man Plan during the spring and early summer of 2015 and kept that weight off until about October last year. Sadly, I became very depressed and lost all my healthy eating resolve, wasn't doing much exercise and generally lived on Hobnobs and toast. Spring has mostly arrived here now and I'm feeling a lot better and getting more exercise. I've stuck on 2 stone, which is horrific, and need to shift it ASAP.
I know that Exante Man Plan works and, if I have a long ride or a heavy day at work, that I can have a Flexi Solution day.
On the upside, the weight has gone on quickly and I suspect that the bread, which bloats me horribly, hasn't helped at all. As it hasn't taken years to go on, I'm hoping to get it shifted in 3 months or so.

I've had a transition day today, as I was at work when my delivery arrived, but have had a low carb day and a lower calorie day, ready to start properly tomorrow. I've got in a ton of ham, tuna and have some Walden Farms and slim rice on order. They were my best friends last time.

Anyway, that's me. I've abandoned Slimming World for a month or two. I look forward to chatting with other Exantens
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First proper day back on manplan today.
Breakfast was pancakes, tea was the gorgeous hot cross bun bar and evening meal was burgers.
For lunch, at work, I had salad with a boiled egg and bit of ham. I run about at work like a loon as I work in a theme park. Stopping still is not an option so a few extra calories are not going to hurt.
73g carbs so I'm happy with that.
I am now getting the rest of my water down me before an early night, as I am shattered as it was a busy old day today.
Yesterday was a good day for me.
I started off with a lovely banana shake and chucked in half a dozen ice cubes and a handful of spinach - it sounds awful but it's not. It's really delicious and sticks to my ribs longer.
Lunch was tuna salad with my neighbour and I said 'no thanks' to the offered cake, biscuits, more cake, chocolate eclair and everything else she was trying to foist off on me. She was having them so wanted me to keep her company. I just came back home in the end as she was getting ratty with me. I said that I was doing low carb for a bit but she was having none of it. She is also doing a meal replacement diet (yokebe) but only replacing one meal a week.:doh: apparently she is expecting to lose about 2lbs a week doing this.

Anyway, I digress. At 5pm ish, I had my cherry bakewell bar, straight from the freezer. I can get those bars to last half an hour so I have the yummy taste for ages. Then at around 7.30pm I had my Indian Curry meal. I love these and I was a little worried as I had read that the recipe had changed, but it was delicious, so I'm happy. My evening pack was a bit late, but it was such a lovely evening, we had an extra half an our out on our dog walk. The dogs didn't seem to mind.

I have my fizzy water, which I only drank a litre of last night, but I did drink water steadily throughout the day. I find the fizzy water helps in the evenings when I feel all nibbly and Hubster is next to me stuffing crisps, sweets, toast, more toast, cheese on toast and popcorn. He was stuffing so much food last night that I put my headphones on and concentrated on an extra lesson of Dutch.:blahblah: I could still smell toast but couldn't hear the chomping.
Yesterday was good too.
Hubster was off and we had an appointment in the morning so I had my breakfast banana shake with spinach a whole lot earlier than I wanted to. It was either that or wait until nearly noon to have it and I was worried that I might try and eat the stuffing from the car seat.
Morning errands were run and I was famished by noon so I had my chicken & ham salad and didn't so much eat it, as inhale it. I felt sick, feint and generally horrible. I had fizzy water too. I do like my fizzy water and must pop up to Lidl for some more. At 17p for 2 litres, it doesn't break the bank. Maybe I should invest in a sodasteam.

We went off for a short bike ride. Only 9 miles up the trail and back, so no climbing involved as it's nice and flat. I walked the dogs again and had my bar at 5.15. Again, straight from the freezer. A Hot Cross Bun bar from the freezer is awesome. I made that thing last for an hour and a quarter, nibbling away at it. Drinking water as I went along. Evening meal was the Mexican rice, which wasn't bad. I should have soaked it in the hot water for 10 minutes before nuking it as some of it was a bit hard.

My trousers are loser, so mightily pleased.
Hi Toffeesmum
just seen we have the same goal and a similar start weight, when are you hoping to lose it by? I am also on manplan I must admit this weeks losses are the slowest I have ever had after Cambridge step 2 years ago my second weigh in was about -5lbs and so far this week have only shifted a 1lb. I have come on but this didn't seem to affect my losses last time. How many weeks have you been on exante?
Hi Toffeesmum
just seen we have the same goal and a similar start weight, when are you hoping to lose it by? I am also on manplan I must admit this weeks losses are the slowest I have ever had after Cambridge step 2 years ago my second weigh in was about -5lbs and so far this week have only shifted a 1lb. I have come on but this didn't seem to affect my losses last time. How many weeks have you been on exante?
I am hoping to get to around 11 stone by about early -mid May time. This is day 7 on Exante. I was very successful in 2015 and it stayed off until just after Halloween last yer and then it all went a bit sideways. I sit quite comfortably around 11 stone for about 9 months of the year and a few lbs lighter through the summer. I found that I lost in fits and starts. Couple of big losses, then a couple of small ones. I was happy as long as I was losing and found the shakes, bars and packs to be very convenient.
Wednesday went well. Nice 11 mile bike ride. A social ride on the way back, so chatting with others, then solo on the way home and a bit quicker. Dog walking too so a nice day. I had:
Cherries and Berries shake, ham salad, Hot Cross Bun bar and Bean Chilli and lots and lots of water.

Today was good, but I felt hungry today and water didn't do the trick. No riding today, just walking the dogs. I had to sit in and wait for the gas man who was due. He came and faffed with the outside pipes and went. He didn't mention that he was there at all, so we sat in until 2pm and then rang the gas people and asked where the gasman was. I could have been out for a walk, out riding or anything in those 5 hours. I did not turn to biscuits though, so I was pleased.
Banana shake, ham salad, Cherry Bakewell Bar, Exante sausages with a bit of salad from earlier. I had the extra tuna as I didn't want to eat the contents of the fridge, the cupboards, empty the chocolate shelves at tesco and then eat a whole village.

Tomorrow is weigh day so we shall see what we shall see.
Good luck for weigh day. Sounds so nice being able to go for a bike ride and a dog walk in the day. I'm in central London so can't really do that with two small children! Looking to take them to the forest tomorrow for a few hours after their swimming lesson so lots of walking and running around. Sunday not sure what to do looking try a trampoline place in the morning. Just like being out in the fresh air and active whilst my other half works so we can all sit down together in the evening
Weigh day. 11lbs off :woohoo::0icanfly:

Today has been a very good day. I will be happy with 1lb off next weigh day. I have done Exante before and know what week 2 can be like for the scales not moving so I'm prepared for that and not at all fazed by it.

Eating has been fine today:
Cherries and Berries shake for breakfast, ham salad for lunch, Hot Cross bun bar for tea and then I just haven't fancied anything for my evening meal so I've had some Tuna to top up the calories. I was going to have the fajita but I have been headachey today and just really don't fancy food. I think it's the weather as I am past the Exante headache stage.

I went for a short bike ride today. Just 10 miles, nice and gentle and took over 50 minutes about it. I only did one dog walk today though as Hubster did the morning walk as I was having a bit of a morning after a bit of a rough night.

Work tomorrow so a ton of walking so I might have a little extra food. It depends on which rides I am working as some take a bit more energy than others.
Saturday went well. I was very pleased with myself actually.
Breakfast was pancakes with an egg beaten in as I never know what time lunch is. It could be as early as 12.30pm or as late as 2pm. Turns out it was 12.30. I had my crab salad lunch and ignore the 2 humungous celebration cakes that a colleague had brought in for everyone as he'd just become a grandfather for the first time. I stayed right up the other end of the crew room so that I couldn't even see them. I also avoided the "Just one bit won't hurt you" people, not that they know that I'm doing Exante anyway. None of their business.
I had a bar when I got home and then later tried out the chicken fajita meal. It was sort of successful. I don't have a rolling pin so patted it out like a chapati, cooked it and then put the filling in and folded it over. It worked, there was one big one instead of 2 small ones. Very tasty as I'd listened to the advice and put in some paprika and chilli flakes. Bit of black pepper and it was lovely. Might try it again tonight but add a little chicken too. I'm on man plan, so I can do that.

Hours of walking at work. We don't sit down unless it's lunch time. No cycling as it was pouring.
Today has gone reasonably well. It was a work day and very cold out.
I had a shake for my breakfast at 8.15am. I was going to have pancakes but we were out longer with the dogs than I anticipated. I do love Exante shakes and need to get some more shakes and bars. I'll have a look to see what Wowcher/groupon deals are about in comparison with Exante deals. If I can save a few quid, I will.

Lunch was tuna salad at work, with extra tuna as it was a really late lunch at 2pm and I had been running about all morning. Today all yesterday's works cake was finally eaten - none by me, I might add. There were 25 OOD fanta oranges going begging. The 500ml bottles and I didn't have any. I say OOD, the date on them was 17/03 so not desperately OOD. Then 30+ Choc Mint Cornettos arrived and I didn't have any of those either. I just kept right out of the way and had a good pint of water to make me feel really full and then spent half the afternoon nipping to the loo, as you do. I'm pretty sure that 25% of my daily steps comes from trips to the loo and back.
Once home, I immediately walked the dogs - still blooming cold out there, wet too, then had a Cherry & Almond bar that only took 10 minutes to eat. Normally I can last those babies for 30 minutes or more.
Evening meal was a chicken fajita meal again. More successful than last night plus I added a wee bit - couple of ounces - of roasted chicken breast as I walked some 15,000 steps today and was upright all of the working day. An extra 100 calories across the day is most welcome sometimes. As I am not doing Total Solution, but Man Plan, I have a little flexibility. Carbs were a smidge under 70g so I'm happy with that.

Off to bed now. Putting my smiley on the calendar first though.:)
I've been offline for a few days but had a good weigh day with a further 3.6lbs off, so I am very pleased with that.
Manplanning away and riding my bike. I have had a seriously busy work day today so not riding and I had extra egg today as well as I walked over 21,000 steps. That's as well as my regular 3 packs and a salad. I've burned well over 12,000 calories just working today.

I had a lovely coconut shake for breakfast. Tuna and green salad for lunch, with a boiled egg at 11.30 snack/meeting time as I knew lunch was not going to be until 2.30pm today. Once home, at 6pm I walked the dogs for half an hour then have had 2 packs of Exante. Mexican rice and a Hot Cross Bun bar. I did grab an extra hard boiled egg before walking the dogs as well as I was concerned that I was going to eat the whole town, if I didn't get something.

I will see how I feel in an hour or so, but might munch some more tuna or something as It's been a heavy exercise day. Much more exercise than a normal work day and I have to go in tomorrow as we are so short staffed.
Well, Friday's weigh in was a bit pants. I have lost nothing at all but am down a good 4 inches over my body measurements. I know that Exante works so I shall just keep on keeping on.

Eating was good today, even though my work day was a bit fraught and I seriously considered just going home, even though it's a 7 mile walk. It was that bad.

I had a nice shake for breakfast, my Mexican Rice meal for lunch a salad for tea followed by a chocolate dessert which was gorgeous. I blended it as per the instructions and then popped it in the freezer for 45 mins as per the advice of others on the Exante FB group. I shall certainly be doing that again.

I am hoping to have lost a pound or two on Friday weigh day. Just keeping to my man plan will do the business for me. It did last time and I'm pretty sure it will this time.
Not logged in for a fortnight :( Not sure what happened.
I have had 2 weighs since I last posted and I lost 3lbs each time. I am now 20.6lbs down so very happy with that one :) another .4lb and I'll be a stone and a half down. A haircut should sort that, right?:D:p

Still following Manplan and still walking the dogs and riding my bike. I had an extra 100 cals yesterday, as well as my normal manplan food, after a 34 mile bike ride. Felt that I needed it.


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Fabulous weight loss TofeesMum:0clapper:

Keep up the good work!
Fabulous weight loss TofeesMum:0clapper:

Keep up the good work!
I will.
I don't allow myself cheat days as, if I fall off the wagon I can't get straight back on like lots of people can. It's easier for me to be strict with myself. Exante do enough 'treaty' type foods that I don't feel deprived. I turn the desserts into ice-cream pretty regularly. They are gorgeous.


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You are doing what suits you and obviously it is working very well...Exante seem to offer a lot of variety and I believe a lot of their products are gluten-free as well?

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