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SW against mummy tummy!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by LeahB, 22 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. LeahB

    LeahB Silver Member

    Hi everyone,

    I've been following sw from home since last Wednesday and thought it might be helpful for me to keep a diary to keep me on the right path.

    A bit about me, I'm Leah, 21 and had my first baby (Harry) on 2nd October 2013. He's now 7 months old and I'm still not back to my pre pregnancy weight! I have lost 1 stone 7lbs since January using slim and save and Dukan.

    Since having Harry I have had different spells of trying Lipotrim (lasted 1 day!) slim and save and Dukan. I had success with Dukan prior to getting pregnant losing 2 stone with this but I wanted to give slimming world a try this time, partly because my sister has been going for about 2 months now and have lost 1stone 8lb so far and partly because I want my body to accept "real food"

    I know this isn't going to be fast weight loss which I'm used to but I'll be happy losing 1-2lbs a week if it means I'm enjoying real food.

    I started sw last Wednesday at 11 stone 9 & 1/2, 1st weigh in yesterday and I've only lost 1/2lb in my first week but I was expecting that due to me coming off a low carb diet prior to starting.

    Anyway sorry for waffling! I've took lots of food pics so I'll start a daily food diary today :)

    Leah xx
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  3. nattie

    nattie Full Member

    Good luck on your Slimming World journey and I look forward to reading your daily food diary :) x
  4. LeahB

    LeahB Silver Member

    Thanks nattie :)

    I've been eating some yummy for over this past week and a bit and it doesn't for one second feel like "a diet" I really am enjoying it!

    I'll start my diary from today as there's too much to post for 8 days lol.

    I'm mainly doing red days with a few EE days (as my body can't seem to cope with much carbs following my low carb diets!)

    Today was EE

    HEA - 1/2 milk 1/2 laughing cow extra light
    HEB - 4 ryvita

    Strawberry muller light with chopped banana and 1 Alpen light (3 syns)

    4 ryvita with 2 EL cheese triangles, ham and cucumber, snack a jacks (4.5 syns) apple and orange


    Lean gammon steak, cheese and broccoli pasta with spinach stirred through, dry fry garlic mushrooms and grilled peppers and onions


    7.5 syns today
  5. LeahB

    LeahB Silver Member

    Day 10- EE

    HEA- milk
    HEB- porridge oats

    B- overnight oats (heb) with strawberry muller and chopped banana

    L- Mediterranean mugshot, apple and orange

    D- boiled rice & chicken in black bean sauce (5)

    Will add food pics later :) xxx
  6. LeahB

    LeahB Silver Member

    Foodie pics from previous days...

    Syn free chilli with bns chips

    Szechuan style beef and veg with cauli rice

    Skewered donner kebabs

    Chicken and veg kebabs with savory rice and salad

    Chinese pork steak with savory rice, grilled veg and salad

    Full English (2 syns for sausages)

    Massive omelette with bacon, mushroom, onion, peppers and spinach with tinned tomatoes

    Sweet fix! Banana and custard muller with banana and Alpen

    I tend to have more red days, also I don't like to use syns so tend to keep closer to 5 syns than 15. I usually spend syns on snack a jacks, sausages and EL mayonnaise! Can't allow myself chocolate or sweets! I am treating myself to a Chinese takeaway tonight though but only boiled rice and chicken in black bean sauce.... 5 syns :)

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  7. nattie

    nattie Full Member

    Lovely pics Leah, keep up the good work :)

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