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SW and Low Carb


Call me Nicky xx
I went from CD to SW last year. I lost 21lbs with CD, took a week off, joined SW at the same weight as I left CD and lost 3lbs on average everyweek. I ONLY did Red days and 30 minutes exercise.

Now I am back at SW and finding it harder to lose though.
Wow 3lbs a week, that's fab.

Any idea why you're finding it harder to lose now?

Just trying to pick your brain because I'm ummming and ahhhhing about SW v LC, I do love eating fat/skin on meat/chicken but SW is just sooo easy to stick to.

Jo x


Call me Nicky xx
In all honesty no I dont know why I am finding it harder now. I only started again 2 weeks ago and I am doing it at home so naturally it is harder. I am going to keep on going though as although the scales are heavier I feel better and am eating healthily eventually it will show :)

I would say that LC is always going to produce the quicker losses however red days accomodate for that.

All you can do is see how your body reacts and work your meals accordingly.

I wish you the best of luck whichever way you choose

Nicky xxxxxxx


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I personally try to keep to a relatively LC diet (though not always with much success) because I feel it's healthier than a low fat/high carb diet (for me anyway, I have PCOS and FMS and probably insulin resistance and such, and if I eat too much starchy food I get ill - I try and avoid green days for this reason). I think it's possible, if you use syns for leaving the skin on (at least some of) your chicken etc and olive oil as a HEB, to do a fairly low carb version of SW on red days, though you would probably have no syns left for other things like chocolate etc, but then that's not very low carb anyway!
Thats a good idea Anwen, the best of both worlds.

HA's can be cheese or full fat milk (lower carb than semi or skimmed)
HB's can be oil or cheese

SW incorporate oily fish into the plan anyway, and like you say, I could syn the skin of chicken, fatty meat etc.

Maybe even syn the odd bit of butter or cream!?!

Then any syns I have left over I can use on low syn/carb drinkies (vodka/gin or Michelob ultra/Low C) at weekends!!

Ooooh might just put all this down on paper properly and see how it actually works out.


Jo x


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Sounds good, I always have full fat milk, as it's more satisfying, and also I read that women who only eat low fat dairy tend to be more likely to have certain types of fertility problems. I may join you in trying to be more LCSW :)
OK so how do I syn left on chicken skin and fatty meat?? On syns online it keeps saying 'skinless or with fat cut off' .... what if I want to leave them on?

Any ideas? Am I just looking in the wrong place online?

Jo x


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I just searched under "chicken skin" and got these:

Chicken, drumstick, barbecued/roasted, including skin average each
Chicken, drumstick, barbecued/roasted, skin removed average each
Chicken, leg, barbecued/roasted, including skin average each
Chicken, leg, barbecued/roasted, skin removed average each
Chicken, meat & skin 28g roasted
Chicken, meat & skin 28g raw
Chicken, skin 28g roasted
Chicken, wings, barbecued/roasted, including skin average each
Chicken, wings, barbecued/roasted, skin removed average each

Seems to be about 1.5s for an average drumstick/28g meat+skin.
Here's another Q. You know how on red and green days you can have different cheeses for your HE's (ie/ ricotta on a green day HB but not on a red day HA) Do you think it would matter if I swapped them round a bit?

So that I'd do all red days but could pinch some of the green day HB cheeses to have as a red HA!?!

(hope that makes sense)

Jo x

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