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Just to let you all know, you cannot purchase any of the SW books on line any longer. They have to be purchased from class.

"At Slimming World you’ll discover so much information and inspiration to keep you motivated – including a brilliant range of books designed especially for Food Optimisers, and only available to Slimming World members!
As a Slimming World member, you can purchase our books from your Consultant in group."
(taken from web site)
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Yep - it's been like that for at least 6 months. Personally I think SW are missing out on an opportunity but there you go!


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I personally think that is really unfair.. This is half the reason I wont go to a class again.. its more about money than helping people lose weight. Everyone should have the option to do it with a class or at home! And if they choose to do it at home then should have the option to buy the books online! Oh well, as somebody said SW are missing a good oppertunity !


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The only place to get them online is Ebay but they can be a bit pricier, or sometimes you can get a good bargain.


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Hmm I have some from a few years ago.. Which I use, Also I have a friend who goes to the classes and she sends me the password soo i can check syns online but its just a pain.. May look on Ebay though x