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SW Chips...


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I know there are loads of different ways people cook them on here, I had some at my friends house and she has a holey baking tray which made them go really nice and crispy, on this note i got a mesh type crisscross tray from poundland which does the same job. Bit hard to explain what its like but its fab. just thought i'd share that tip.
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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sw chips r my fav thing bout this diet!!!
Ooo i've got a pizza tray maybe I should use that for my chips! My roasties always come out slightly better than my chips do!
i had one of those mesh trays but my oven still kept burning them...
Do you mean one of these? I found it abit too flimsy for me and nearly lost my chips to the floor & cat everytime I took them out the oven lol!


Now I just parboil my potatoes after chipping/wedging them for 10 mins in microwave, transfer to a ovenproof dish lined with greaseproof paper & spray with frylight. Ovencook on gas mark 8 for about 30 minutes turning occasionally.
Sometimes I have wedges in the same way and season them too.
Here is a pic of some I made last night :)

Ah I see what you mean. I think the reason they cook so crispy is because there is so many holes for the hot air to flow around. The tray we normally use for 'not so good for you' oven chips is a closed bottom one and the chips on the bottom are always a lot whiter than the chips on the top that have more access to air flow.

Might well invest in one of those trays at the weekend.
I use my Tefal Actifry for chips and usually save a HEB of olive oil to cook them in (Fry Light just isn't the same somehow). They're lovely done in the Actifry, like "proper" chips, and no need to parboil. I leave the skins on too, so it only takes ten minutes to slice them and stick them in the fryer, then ready within the hour.
poundland or another shop along those lines- my nan bought that one and gave me it.
Oh and I don't parboil mine either, just chop them up and chuck them on the tray with a tiny bit (or they go greasy) for around 25mins on gas 6
Thank you so much for that tip! I made chips (or fries as I cut them up so small) today and cooked using a pizza tray! They were lovely and I've only just realised I didn't even use fry light!

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