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SW Classes?


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Our class is about an hour long - thats 1/2 hour for everyone to be weighed & then a 1/2 hour meeting.

During the meeting we have image therapy - where the C goes round the group talking to everone about there losses/gains for the week.

The C will have a chat about either new recipes, any hints/tips etc, inform us of changes & will have a chat about maybe a SW feature or something or do a syn's quiz!

Raffle draw & then we have slimmer of the week annouced at the end.

For me the whole knowing I am getting on the scales for somebody else to weigh me keeps me motivated :)


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For me the whole knowing I am getting on the scales for somebody else to weigh me keeps me motivated :)

I know that class has loads of added benefits and peer support and interesting stuff etc, but for me, this is the main reason (only reason) I go to class.

Sure, £4.95 is a lot to just get someone to weigh you once per week, and occasionally give you a shiny sticker :D but for me it completely focusses my mind that every week I have a day to aim for where my weight HAS to be lower than last week.

They only way I can be sure this happens without cheating myself or doubting my scales is by going to class.

Worth every penny.


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Mines the same as has already been mentioned but we also have taster sessions, where we take something sw friendly in for everyone to try.

Its a good social event and theres always new recipes to try i'm making sw KFC chicken for mine tonight.
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I love going to group. I'd be completely lost without it. Not only is it somewhere I have to focus on each week but it's become quite a fun night out. We have some lovely people at group and it's fairly small. Only something like 15 people stay which means we've got to know each other. Ours takes about 90 mins. The first half hour or so is weighing then it's much the same as everyone elses. The consultant will have something to say which is relevant BBQ's/holidays/xmas etc and we discuss way's around it. Then we have taster time if someone's brought something along to share which happens fairly regularly. We then do awards and everyone has chance to discuss their week and anything they've discovered or are struggling with.
I was dieting alone and struggling when I decided to start going to Slimming World classes.

I have been for 3 now, the first one you have a new member talk with the consultant and she explains the plan to you, and you will be given a starter pack which has your Food Optimising book in it and most likely as all the groups are going electronic, your membership card. You need to take both of those each week. The Food Optimising book holds your weight record and your membership card logs you on to the system so that they know you have paid for the week. You will also find out the password for the online SW website, this changes each week and is a valuable source of information and support for members.

At our group, the first half an hour is spent on weigh ins and if anyone new has come, the consultant uses that time to do the new member talks. After that, it is Image Therapy, which basically involves a rundown of everyones losses and gains, a lot of clapping and a bit of a chat about any products or services which may be of interest. Some groups have a raffle, ours doesnt.

I thoroughly recommend it. Having had next to no social interaction with anyone for years, it is nice to get out of the house, meet up with likeminded people and it gives you a reason to stay focused when you have to weigh in in front of someone else. It is all done discretely, no-one talks about what you actually weigh, and the scales are only viewed by you and the person weighing you in.

I thought I would feel a bit of a berk with all the clapping and whatnot, but really it is a lovely free reward for all your weeks hard work and so I dont mind it at all.

Definitely give it a go. It is worth it.


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Joining a sw class was the best thing I have done during my weight loss journey, no one judges me there and everyone understands that sometimes you will have a blip. Get great ideas for recipes and just generally have a chat. plus we do all the things mentioned above!

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