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SW Forever!

I had a thought (scary I know) but say for example you didnt have a target weight.... could you keep doing SW forever? Like, do you think that you could still lose weight (no matter what amount) doing it over years and years and years or would you eventually stop looseing weight due to your body getting used to the diet?

Im not thinking of doing this BTW!
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I will succeed!!!
You naturally hit plateaus in weight loss, target or none. I think your body would just hit a stop - because your metabolism changes to suit.

I think SW is lifelong for maintaining though :) x


I will succeed!!!
P.S Your SW C wouldn't allow you to go beyond the minimum weight for your height x


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I find that if I stray off plan a little, not wildy but just don't follow it exactly, that I maintain. In effect, the plan is at the back of my mind stopping me from going totally overboard and just keeping me in check. When I do that, I tend to maintain anyway. So I guess, if you've been on SW long enough, it sort of becomes second nature and will stick in your mind in the long term. That way you're likely to just hold at whatever weight you're happy with. If it starts to creep up, you can just follow more strictly for a little while... that's how I see it all unfolding in the longer term anyway...


Slow but sure....
Actually yes I could stay on the SW diet forver even after if/when (?) I reach my target, I am eating so much better and healthily that it just doesn't seem like dieting at all, plus if I mange to lose my moutain of blubber then I shall want to keep it off, so I won't mind eating the SW way for the rest of my days, SW is just so good.
Im planning on using SW forever now. I'm hoping to get target at tonights WI and stay here for a while and then in a few months change it down 7lbs.

I think I have decided what weight I want to be before my body has (if that makes sense.) Most people have a target in mind that you can keep to. If I lost another stone which I could do (as I have plenty) I know I may not be able to keep that weight steady with my life style...and lack of gym.

Does anyone know if you are at target and can't get one week, do you have to let the consultant know or can I come and go as I please now?:D Thanks

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