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SW Friendly TV snacks

Its that time of the week again. Before SW Saturday night used to mean Strictly, a box of maltezers or pringles and dips!! Well I still have Strictly but can't think what to do for snacks although I have done the veggies and Fromage Fraise dip. DH and DS still do the pringles thing but I really don't want to go off plan. Anyone got any ideas, I'm a girl in need...............:wave_cry:
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I have seen a thread mentioned that you can make your own syn free crisps with potatos in the micowave or oven,not tried it myself yet but could work really well with your dip
If I have a HEB left I like a packet of Ryvita minis with LC light triangles spread on top (2 triangles are enough from your HEA)


Strutting her stuff
SW chips or wedges with syn free BBQ sauce

Crunchy oatbakes or even better, crunchy oatbakes coated with nutella and then chilled

Frozen yoghurt or grapes

Frozen curly wurly bits

That's all I can think of at the moment but will give it some more thought.
I have made home made veg crisps that are very yummy!

I use a veg pealer to ensure they are cut thinly and make on a wire cooling rack in the oven

Different veg takes different amounts of time - you can have a wider range of veg on a green day

I like - parsnip, beetroot, sweet potato and carrot

Ooh I might make some for X-factor tonight!
Homemade SW Crisps with Salt and Vinegar are yummy!


Nojo on the YoYo
free or not-free crisps are debateable, not strictly 'not free'. If you eat them and are still losing, have them, if they affect your weight loss then stop. Seeemples!
free or not-free crisps are debateable, not strictly 'not free'. If you eat them and are still losing, have them, if they affect your weight loss then stop. Seeemples!
Ahh great will give them a whirl :) just need to know how to make them now lol
I know, ive always lost weight and I have made them a few times. My SWC said it was becos they were being used as a `snack`.
I looked up snak a jacks on the SW calculator and they came out FREE! but again she told me they werent. They bt 6 syns a bag. Sux


Nojo on the YoYo
1 large potato makes quite a lot of crisps. If you combine it with some carrot sticks and crudites and somehome made hummous, it does make for quite a hearty snack. If you're saying you can't have it as a 'snack' then what do you say to people who have 2 packets of pasta n sauce as a 'snack' or a packet of Morrisons sausages as a 'snack' - which I have SEEN people on here say!

If you have them in moderation and don't chop up a sack of spuds and put them in the oven, i reckon you're ok. Sensible choices people, it's all you need.
A friend used to ?par cook lasagne sheets then cook them in the oven in small triangles to make crisp like things or was it without the par cooking. Anyway worh a try I guess if you feel like experimenting??
You could also cook some quorn sausages and chop them down into smallpieces and get a low syn slasa dip or make your own with chopped toms and chilli, with syn free chips it could be a little like a dipping platter. Or I like roasted vegs with garlic and rosemary ...yummy with sweet potato and butternut squash if you like the sweet thing as well. Very low syn mayo mixed with syn free from frais makes it go further and not a bad dip if mixed with garlic sauce.Hope you have a great night in.
Its got to be SW chips, with some garlic dip (made with fromage frais and quark or low fat philly) - yummy :) I aggree with the saturday nights are all about strictly - I love it :)

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