SW Italian Cookbook


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Has anyone tried the new recipe book, the Italian one? Just wondered what the recipes were like as I have had chance to look at it in group.

I'm thinking of getting it if it has different recipes in there because I'm so fed up of tomatoes and tomato sauces. It seems every pasta recipe has a tomato sauce on it and I'm not a lover of tomatoes.
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I had it for a birthday present and wasn't that impressed with some of the recipes tbh. I think the main problem is that they dont have pictures for the recipes (litterally just a couple!). I made a proscuittio pasta dish the other night which sounded ncie but turned out yuck y -we added pesto to make it okay but then it was more syns. I'm going to try a few more bits out of it but not a great first impression. How are we meant to know what they are meant to look like!!

IMHO the Comfort Foods books (orange covere £2.95) is the best one as it has normal everyday recipes.


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I have it, and agree about the lack of pictures.


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i actually quite like the lack of pictures. I always feel I have to replicate the meal exactly the same way it looks in pictures and that way I dont.
If im unsure about what the dish kind of is supposed to look like. Then I do a quick google.
It is deffo worth the money tho.
Isnt the comforts book discontinued now?
I am on a quest to get all books and my C said its no longer available.