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SW recipes for 1 or 2 please....

Hi everyone, I'm having a pretty hard time with meals and need a little help. My partner is not supporting me on this diet - he wants me to lose weight while eating the same food as he does and he's not prepared to adapt his food in any way. We argue about shopping and squabble over every meal so its pretty tough for me. I have loved all the meals listed in this forum but find it hard to eat the same thing for several days in a row - our freezer is constantly full as my partner refuses to allow any spare space in there - so I am very limited with saving meals. Any ideas would be a great help - please :)
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You aren't allowed any space in your own freezer?

ALLOWED!!!! ???

You call him "partner" but this is no kind of partnership that I recognise.

Make space in your freezer and don't take any more of this nonsense. Throw some of his stuff out if necessary. Take charge!!
I agree with Anna but understand it's not always that easy. I find the pasta dishes are quite easy to make for two. Like the all day breakfast spaghetti that was in this month's magazine. I had a portion for tea and because it was so nice had the leftovers for lunch the following day.
What sort of things does your partner eat? Is there any way of adapting the meals to suit you both?

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You're right, its not that simple - he likes pies and puddings, lots of microwave and chilled meals. He's also got a sweet tooth which is a right pita.... He's also borderline type 2 diabetic but isn't prepared to adapt his eating habits to try and reduce his risk.... and he's definitely not going to eat the 'rubbish' that I now eat..... he wants to enjoy every meal (!) even though its costing him his health
I like gala mushroom risotto for a quick meal for one it is free,
I would maybe think about doing something like a butternut squash and chickpea stew for tea, the. The next day blitzing it to make a soup.
Same goes with chilli do a chilli for tea have it with rice then for lunch have it in a jacket potato. Even the next day after that you could make tortillas out of it using a bfree wrap as the tortilla one is a hea.
I think you have to look at meals and be creative with the leftovers.
Pasta with tomatoes and mushrooms etc is a good one and the next day serve it as a sauce over chicken.
Hope that helps
Hello someone repped me for the above comment. Just want to thank whoever it was, I actually don't know what it means, but know it's something good! Lol! So thank you

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