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  1. zhardy84

    zhardy84 Full Member

    Hi everyone

    I’ve been switching between SW and WW for years and always been between 9st and 10 and a half stone…apart from when I put 3 and a half stone on when pregnant 2 years ago!!! I did lose a lot of baby weight through breast feeding and the rest through WW propoints and got to goal last May, but gradually some of the weight has crept back on.
    I did join WW again in January but it was simple start and I didnt really like it. So, I’ve now decided that it’s back to propoints, which allows me to have control of what I’m eating.
    Im doing it on my own for now, see how I go…and if I need the extra discipline then I’ll have to find time to attend the meetings again.
    I’m going on hol at the end of May, so ideally would like to shift a stone by then! x
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  3. zhardy84

    zhardy84 Full Member

    As i started back on Moday i will back track my food diaries...just so i can be kept on track!


    B-2 crumpets, beetroot & wafer thin ham 6pp
    L-Ham, lettuce, beetroot & cucumber in WW pitta with ex light mayo. 3 crab sticks & 2 tangerines. 5pp
    D-1/2 carton Covent Garden Leek & Potato soup with 2 petit pains 11pp
    Snack-2 jaffas, 1 fish finger 4pp
    Drinks-Water & 2 teas with skimmed milk and sweetner 2pp

    26/26 dailies & 2/49 weeklies


    B-2 scrambled eggs, 3 tbsp beans & 1 nimble bread 7pp
    L-Ham, lettuce, beetroot & cucumber salad with ex light mayo. Skips, 3 crab sticks & 2 tangerines. 5pp
    D-1/2 carton Covent Garden Leek & Potato soup with 2 petit pains 11pp
    Snack-1/2 Gold Biscuit 2pp
    Drinks-Water & 2 teas with skimmed milk and sweetner 2pp

    26/26 dailies & 3/49 weeklies
    3 Activity points at gym!
  4. zhardy84

    zhardy84 Full Member

    I've decided on a F&H day today.


    B-2 fried eggs, 3 tbsp beans & 1 warburtons brown thin
    L-Tuna & sweetcorn with ex light mayo on 2 warburtons thins. 3 crab sticks & 2 tangerines 1pp
    D-Homemade Spag Bol with ex lean mince and wholewheat spaghetti
    Snack-1/2 Gold Bar 1pp
    Drinks-Water & 2 teas with skimmed milk and sweetner 2pp

    7/49 weeklies

    Feeling a lot less bloated already...and I know I shouldnt but I had a sneaky peek at the scales this morning...and 2lb lighter:clap::clap::clap: xx
  5. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Hi, here to subscribe :)

    Your food is looking good so far. How many points in the ww pitta? I like the sound of that lunch!
  6. zhardy84

    zhardy84 Full Member

    Thanks Sammy! Think the pittas are 3pp.
  7. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    I will look out for them then!

    When is your weigh in day?
  8. zhardy84

    zhardy84 Full Member

    My weigh-in will be Monday morning...until i start up at the meetings.
    Had a massive hiccup last night, i'm so annoyed with myself. Had some extra lean mince to cook a spag bol for me and my friend, got it out the fridge and although it was in date i looked a funny colour, opened it and wasnt quite keen on the smell, although my OH said it just smelt like mince. Anyway i cooked the spag bol and smelt lovely, but when i tasted it, it didnt taste right, OH said it was all in my head! my friend is a fussy eater and nothing else prepared...we ended up getting a pizza shop TAKEAWAY!!!!
    Anyway, I'm fully back on track today :) x
  9. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Well things happen don't they and I'm sure the pizza was yummy :D

    Btw, have you tried turkey mince in your spag bol? It works out less in points ;)
  10. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    subscribing :)
  11. zhardy84

    zhardy84 Full Member

    They certainly do...and going by the scales it hasnt affected my weight...infact i'm another half pound lighter!!
    No, havnt tried turkey mince...definitely worth the try if its less points!!
  12. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    It's always nice when we have a sneaky peek and it shows a loss :)
  13. zhardy84

    zhardy84 Full Member

    Well, after Wednesdays mishap...I've been fully back on track!

    Thursday 27th March

    B-Banana sandwich with lightest lurpak 4pp
    L-Prawns, Lettuce & Mayo in WW pitta. 3 crabsticks, 2 tangerines & banana 10pp
    D-2 WW sausages, AB mash (5 patties), Veg, Peas & Gravy 11pp
    Snack-1/2 Gold Bar 2pp
    Drinks-2 tea with skimmed milk, Water 2pp

    26/26 ...lost count of my weeklies
  14. zhardy84

    zhardy84 Full Member

    Friday 28th March F&H

    B-2 scrambled eggs on 1 warburton thin
    L-Red tinned salmon & sweetcorn with extra light mayo in warby thins. 4 crabsticks & 1 tangerine 1pp
    D-Chicken fajitas. WW tortillas, fat free natural yoghurt, peppers, onions, chicken breast 2pp (for seasoning)
    Snack-1/2 Gold Bar 1pp
    Drinks-2 tea with skimmed milk, Water 2pp
  15. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    It's all looking good so far. How did you get on over the weekend?
  16. zhardy84

    zhardy84 Full Member weekend didnt really go to plan, so i've wrote it off and started afresh yesterday! I didnt have a takeaway, just basically ate everything in sight! I did go to gym both Saturday and Sunday and still suffering from it, my chest n bum actually feels bruised!! I got totally spoilt on Mothers Day and had an amazing day. How was yours?
    Oh, I did actually weigh myself on Monday and lost a pound...not as good as i'd have hoped...but decent enough considering what i'd ate! x
  17. zhardy84

    zhardy84 Full Member


    B-Dairylea light on 2 toast & Banana 4pp
    L-Jacket potato, cheese & beans 12pp
    D-Chicken breast, potatoes & veg with gravy 11pp
    Snack-1/2 Gold bar, 2 tangerines & apple 1pp
    Drinks-2 tea, water

    26/26 Dailies 2/49 weeklies
  18. zhardy84

    zhardy84 Full Member


    GYM DAY...although still slightly tender! No pain No Gain!!! :character00116:

    B-Porridge & chopped banana 4pp
    L-Ham sandwich with dairylea light, WW soup, apple 8pp
    D-Homemade soup 12pp
    Snacks-2 tangerines
    Drinks-Water & 2 tea 2pp

    26/26 dailies 2/49 weeklies
    3 activity points
    Last edited: 3 April 2014
  19. Maria2206

    Maria2206 Silver Member

    Hiya, here to subscribe.
  20. ally_88

    ally_88 Silver Member

  21. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Well you do right to put the weekend behind and start afresh this week. It was never going to be an easy one with mother's day. I'm glad you got spoilt. I had a lovely day too thanks, flowers and boxes of chocs which are going to have to wait ;)

    Well done on the 1lb loss!! It is easy to expect more (like I do lol) but a loss is a loss.

    You are doing much better than me with food. I often look at your meals and think how lovely they sound but you are managing without using too many points on treats, wish I could do that!

    Keep up the good work :)

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