SW... What to Expect?


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Hi all,

My weight has gone up and down quite a bit over the last few years, more so up than down. I have tried WW a few times, first few weeks I always lost a few pounds but usual weight loss was 1/2 pound - 1 pound per week which was always disheartening when I was always trying to stick to it by the book.

Now I plan to join my local gym this week and SW on Thursday as I heard that SW weight loss results are brilliant. I don't know anything about SW and wish Thursday would just get here already so I can get started. Can anyone shed some light on how slimming world differs from weight watchers please?

Thanks and good luck everybody x
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Happy Holidays

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I've never done WW, but SW is a little difficult to understand at first, but once you get the basics it's so easy. Some people find the loses a little slow, some don't.

I find I can still have my wine & chocs on a Saturday night & still maintain:D


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Hi Edie

The SW plan is quite complex, and has probably changed since I was last on it, so your best bet is to wait until your meeting. I would say clear and hour or two in your schedule to read and understand the booklet at the start and you'll find it a lot easier.

I can say that most people I've known who lost on SW were not combining it with exercise, so you will likely lose a bit faster than them!

Best of luck with it. Keep us posted!


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I found slimming world fantastic to restart my brain to different ways of eating. It essentially boils down to: fill up on as much fruit and veg as you like, along with lean protein and starchy carbs, and monitered treats. My diet was do bad before that in the first week of slimming world I got cramps from all the veg, but I've since discovered exercise would have stopped that... All in all, its worth really learning the rules, and if you follow them the results WILL show.