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SW - worth it?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Cheyne, 17 January 2011 Social URL.

  1. Cheyne

    Cheyne Member

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    Hi everyone!

    Eeek. 1st post. be nice. Please ;)

    I've been following -sort of - SW, but basically it's just a low-fat diet with not much bread. Limiting treats = low "syn".

    By doing that, and using myfitnesspal, 1 week in, I've lost weight.

    So what would i get from either pitching up at a meeting or joining online?

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  3. Stahir

    Stahir Full Member

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    Don't worry...i'm thinking on the same lines as you. I'm also on myfitnesspal and i've got all the SW books and stuff, so i'm just wondering whether i should bother joining tomorrow or not.

    I did think that by joining a group i'll receive group support and plus get free online access as well. I suppose that's easier than dragging my directories with me everywhere i go!

    I'll let you know which way i'll be heading as soon as i've decided.
  4. Addibelle

    Addibelle A happy downward spiral

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    Slimming World
    I cannot reccomend group enough.
    There are plenty of people that go it alone and do brilliant but personally I need the group to make me do it.
    I know I will be annoyed if I dont loose.
    Or if I go to have something bad I think "What will I think in group when he reads out a crap result!" It really spurs me on.
    Even knowing that there are other people there thinking the same, getting to see others losing and it working for them, even just to get out of the house and make new friends.
    I love it.
  5. judimac

    judimac Mad old Bat with Attitude

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    I think it's very easy when you're doing it alone to think "oh just this bit won't matter" and eat something. (it is for me anyway) Whereas when I go to class it makes me think twice as I have to stand on their scales. But the main thing is the social side and the peer support, and it's such a laugh! Plus you have tasting sessions, cheaper magazines and books and "me" time where everyone understands exactly where you are coming from cos they've all been there.You don't feel as tho you're doing it on your own.
    There is the online info too so you can check all your syns, and do a food diary online.
    This forum is a brilliant help too, but I love my club,I feel as if I'm with " family"
    Actually I just can't cut it on my own :p

    Oh and welcome to the board!
  6. Maximus

    Maximus Gold Member

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    Slimming World - The one that works!
    I'm biased but the money I pay each week, inc, books, raffle, snacks etc. as well as countdown subs pales into insignificance compared to the help and support I get from group.

    Also it helps me maintain focus and all told in my 15 weeks or so to date has been worth every penny.

    You will find differing opinions between those who stay to group or leave - those who go every week those who do it at home etc.

    Works for me.:p but you'll have to try for yourself as we're all different.

  7. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

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    I echo what has been said- group helps me stay on track and motivate me. Also you would be following the plan 100% which will ensure a loss and also if you are making up your own plan by mixing plans like sys and calories you do not have that positive list if foods you know you can definitely have and it would be easy to sneak in other stuff ( that's if I was doing if anyway!) but at the end of the day you do what you feel will help you get to your goal. Good luck xx
  8. Qua Sae

    Qua Sae Full Member

    I'm really glad I joined online - although I wish I had the group support when the scale doesn't budge & I am starting to lose hope. The recipes are great & I've been eating much more varied & healthier meals. I also don't tend to snack as much.

    Even though I don't go to a group, I say if you can get to one, go for it!
  9. MadameLaMinx

    MadameLaMinx Gold Member

    Im at target and I still go to group every week because my consultant is excellent and I want to stay this way. I know exactly how easy it is to lose it all and put it straight back on and this keeps me focussed and sure that I am eating well and healthily.

    You have nothing to lose by attending group at all, other than weight. Hope you give it a go!
  10. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

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    Slimming World
    I too still go to class, and the reasons are:-
    • I enjoy the company
    • I enjoy the support
    • It keeps me on track
    • I pick up hints & tips
    Also I've seen so many people hit target, stop going to class only to return sometime later having gained some of the weight they'd loss.

    I also echo Judimac when she says if you don't go to group it is easy to think it wont matter, eg, I can't make the meeting this week as I'm at a work conference, OH is coming with me & we are taking advantage of time away & going to Brighton Friday night, so I know I'll be drinking more & may have to eat non SW friendly foods, but even now I feel quite relaxed knowing I've no WI on Thursday:rolleyes:
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