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Hey, I have had a general thought this last few days and was wonder if it was possible.

Now, i've been on WW a few times a few years ago, and also attempted SW a few year back also, lost quite a bit on both clubs. Now, I do get bored easily, and although i'm going strong at the moment on SW, if in the future I got a bit bored and fancied a brief swap, could I maybe take a month off SW and do WW for that month, then go back to SW? What effect do you think that would have?

Just wondering :) ty
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It is a good question and one I have wondered myself. I have done weight watchers in the past and although I loved the freedom of foods on the diet, I didnt think it was something I could do for life. Slimming World however I do think is something I can continue even once I am at goal and for that reason I love the diet.

However living in Canada and close to the US, there are so many WW points friendly foods, is does get hard not to be tempted by their diet.
I like both of them, I find with shift work, WW is somtimes easier, especialy when i'm limited for time. I'd often just go and buy a WW sarnie from Tesco, it had the points on and that was that. For convenience i'd go with WW. I found I ate plenty still within my points.

But with SW, i'm loving it too at the moment, having chips! english brekkies! the lot! and I have learnt to cook being on SW hehe.

I was really just thinking for if and when the boredom kicks in and it may help me to try out WW at that time until I feel ready to continue SW.

Hopefully it will be a while before this happens, if it ever does - but I like to be prepared. I just like how you can walk into a shop and on the packet/can/tin - whatever, it has like... 5 points. So you don't really have to add up your points. I know you know this, im just thinking aloud :p


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I'm considering swopping for 6 weeks, but I don't want to lose my awards so far with SW. I lose a lot quicker on WW, but love the principals of a plan for life with SW. SW will be my long term plan, but I may do WW in the medium/short term.


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In the past, when I have got complacent with SW I have switched to SF for a change and to make me appreciate SW more
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SF, Taz? Slim Fast? Took me ages to try to think of that...
I too was confused with the SF!!

I have heard stories of ladies who go to SW for the group experience, yet follow WW plans.

Why would it do any harm? Whatever diet plan you follow it's all about restricting the calories in some way.

Like the others have said, it's whatever fits in with your lifestyle.