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Swapping from Lipotrrim to Atkins...


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Hi, I need some advice!
I started Lipotrim 10 days ago and did really well losing 9 pounds in my first week.

I am now on day 10 and struggling majorly. I haven't cheated at all but the lack of being able to eat anything is affecting me now.

I'm considering switching to Atkins but am wondering how it will work as I really don't want to out this 9 pounds back on and want to lose around 3 stone more

I am quite familiar with the way Atkins works and have seen carbs as the enemy for a long time but wonder what kind of weekly wright loses I can expect.
Lipotrim promises around 1 stone a month if followed 100%... Is Atkins similar or more of the usual 1-2pounds a week?

I'm sorry, I'm sure these answers are out there but I'm on my phone and searching is difficult.

If anyone has any answers for me I'd really appreciate it!

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From Piglet to Twiglet
Hello Lisa,

Not sure I know the answers, but I'd be interested in hearing them too. I've lost 24lbs (2 weeks on LT and 2 weeks on Exante). On the fourth week, I lost nothing at all despite being 100% and felt absolutely lousy (had to go for a lie down at work which was not good). After the 4th week on Exante, you have to add-a-meal for a week, so I thought I would do Atkins for a week instead. I bought the book and went shopping and I've done it for 36 hours. I feel a thousand percent better and my ketosis level has shot up to nearly purple (from pale pink). If I'd known earlier that you could have veg on Atkins, I might have just gone straight to it. (The last time I did it I was craving cabbage within 3 days!).
Hey Lisaberry I have switched over from Exante (TFR) to Atkins...I introduced food over 3 days and then went 100% afterwards. I haven't gained infact I have lost...2lbs up to this point my weigh in day is Tuesday so I will let you know how I get on x


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I have been on lipotrim for almost three weeks now .But have found the last few days really bad I have felt ill lightheaded,headachy and craving food.I lost it today and ate stuff I shouldnt have.
I have ordered the Atkins cook book and was thinking of trying it to see if it works for me.It wil be interesting to hear how everyone else is getting on.
hiya, ive only done atkins (recently, not done TFR at all) BUT the losses are below in my sig....if i stick to it i have no probs, if i cheat once a week/fotnight then i average 2lb a week...

my fall down is weekends, i struggle to either eat ANYTHING or struggle to keep away from the takeaway...

i prefer to eat and lose than struggle with TFR (because i know i would struggle!)

people with experience will post im sure. but fron an atkins point of view....im a happy bunny x


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Wow you've done really well!
I've decided to try and stick out tfr a bit longer. Now the weekend is over I should be good until my next weigh in and I will think again on Thursday.
Ideally I'd like to stick at this until I have lost another stone. I think once I'm 10 stone something I will be a bit happier with myself and won't be as desperate so Will be willing to do Atkins.
My husband has said he will do Atkins with me when I switch so it will also mean I'll get some support (and won't have to drool over him eating chips)
I never did Lip so I can't comment there. Atkins has been good for me though.

Welcome to all of you.


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Thanks Jim for the welcome.
I hav been reading the forum,some lovely recipes I was drooling whilst reading them.
I still have a weeks worths of TFR so will use that up ,then once my books arrive I will be joinung you all,and making up some of the lovely recipes.
Hi cathy, I look forward to seeing you post love. :wavey:
HI Cathy, I did a week of Lipotrim then changed to a very similar TFR, am on my last week of TFR and will be switching to Atkins this weekend so we will both be starting around the same time.....look forward to supporting each other on our Atkins venture!
Jules x


From Piglet to Twiglet
Good luck all switchers. I'm going back to Exante at the weekend as I have loads to use up. And then I'll consider what to do. Atkins has been great and really easy to stick to. But if I ever do it long-term, I need to get some recipes as I've been eating some very odd combinations (more than once have I been asked if I'm pregnant!)
Thanks and good luck with your weight loss journey.


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Hi Jules
I had my 3rd weigh in today and had lost 2lbs.I discussed how I was feeling with my pharmacist.She suggested I try a refeed week.So tomorrow I will introduce my first protein meal.Probably a chicken breast.Then add in another meal so hopefully by friday I should be able to switch to Atkins.I am waiting for my book and cookery book to arrive as Im a bit confused about how work out carbs on not packaged items,ie veg,lemons,limes ect.
I am going to get some flaxseed meal from the health food shop as I have been rading the recipe pages on here and it looks like it has lots of uses.I am really excited about cooking real food again .
Let me know how you get on.
Take care
I'm doing my refeed as my induction to Atkins. Spoke to some lovely people on here who agreed as already in ketosis it should be easy to switch over, but the fact we aren't used to eating we should do it slowly over a few days rather than go straight in on day 1 eating 3 meals plus the snacks.
I agree that there are some lovely sounding recipes on here, I also need to go and get the flaxseed, I did look in our local Sainsbury's but they didn't have it there. I will try Tesco's this week as its a much bigger store and bound to have it.
Just noticed that our starting weight and current weight are very similar!! I started this diet wearing 18 jeans, dropped to 16 which Im still in, but today I bought the same brand jeans in a 14 thinking they wouldnt fit just yet......got home and got them on, button and zip done up....wont wear them yet as stomach still looks too fat in them but just the fact they did up really gave me a boost! x


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Hi Jules
You have done really well.Three weeks ago I was struggling to get into my size 18 trousers for work,but I wasnt going to get a size 20.The trousers fit much better now and there is a bit of room around the waist so hopefully size 16 soon.
We can do this .
I think we need to start a new thread or we might get told off for hijacking this thread LOL.
Take care Cathy
Oh im sure they will let us off Cathy, they are all so nice on here!! Good luck with getting into your 16's, I am sure it will happen for you very soon. I found it just happened all of a sudden. My friend who I see about every two weeks saw me on Saturday and said it all of a sudden looks like i have shrunk. Talk to you soon, off to bed in a bit (stops me wanting to eat if I sleep!!). x


Yummy mummy to be!
I also need to go and get the flaxseed, I did look in our local Sainsbury's but they didn't have it there. I will try Tesco's this week as its a much bigger store and bound to have it.
My tesco extra shop has stopped selling ground flaxseed (might be diff for you), the only one they sell is the non ground linseed. You can grind it up yourself in a coffee grinder but the tescos one is expensive if yo're going to self grind! Stevie P goes to his local asian shop who sells it in bags for a steal of a price!


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I ate some chicken yesterday, panicked when the scales went up this morning and had shakes again

I'm also wondering whether to dukan or Atkins... Dukan is low fat too so I'm wondering if you will get better results but Atkins is more eating friendly! Hmmmmm!!!
Lisa, you mustn't weigh yourself daily, everybody's weight fluctuates, and you must expect changes when you change your diet.

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