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S: 15st4lb
Anybody else really wanna start goin swimming but hate the thought of being in a swimming costume? i have a fear of people staring at me or laughing at me. but i love swimming and i really want to go. When my son does lessons all i see are really fit slim people and it puts me off wanting to go boohoo :(
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"all I see is really fit slim people" - then don't look at them!

"I really want to go" - then go!

What - honestly - is the worst that can happen? Will the sky fall in? Will the world come to an end?

OK, so someone might look at you - but you won't be looking at them, so you won't notice. And anyway, why should you care? You will be having too much fun!

This is the life you are living, right now. This minute. Get on with it.
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I am around 300lb and I couldn't care less what people think of me in a swimming cossie, and neither should you!
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I met one of the most loveliest ladies ever swimming. She was 25 stone and even though I could see she was very self concious, she wanted to lose weight. She used to wear costumes with skirts and that was over a year ago, she has now lost 11 stone (she joined SW after about 4 months swimming). I was in awe of her for being brave and for actually doing something about her weight - as we all are. So if you think people may snigger, the genuine people will think your a star.
If she hadn't been big, I may not have got to know her, but week in week out she was there swimming, with a smile on her face. We started to chat about weight/health and it went from there. She looks amazing, no surgery, just hard work and determination !

I am going back to swimming next week for my usual 3 sessions per week, I stopped due to a nasty ear infection and can't wait to get back, I still have my bigger costume (as I have lost and put on again 4 stone) and I will be going, whether people laugh or not, as I will have the last laugh when I get in that pool back to goal again !
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i have recently taken the plunge (pardon the pun ;)) to start going swimming again and i am so glad i did! the pool i go to is quite quiet during the day and its mainly older people and young mums so i dont feel like im being judged (or even looked at) at all, please go you will really enjoy it i promise :) xx


is getting better at it
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i have started swimming and i am a very large person, ok it took about 3 months for my friend to talk me into it but i am so glad she did i wear a swim dress so it sort of hides my big belly and in my mind no one can see it lol.

go for it, at the end of the day it dont matter what other people think only what you think and if your enjoying yourself then they dont matter

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