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switched from LL to CD

Hi everyone, i have switched from LL to CD today. I did 5 weeks on LL and lost just over 1st 7lbs but the price was too much and didnt find the counselling all that great. did my first day of CD today, think i need to get use to the tastes of the packs.

can anyone offer me some tips and advice?

can u have tabasco and marigold boullion on CD?

which packs are the nicest?

also, can someone tell me what info i am suppose to get on my first week? i got a small booklet on ss and thats it at my first weigh in

thanks everyone xxxx xxxx
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One day at a time!
Welcome vitzy. Everyone likes different things on CD. I hate porridge and soups and love shakes, tetras and bars. I have tried to not have all the flavours at once so I can vary the diet if I get a bit bored.

My favourite tetra is chocolate (I add water to make it up to 300mls - lovely hot or cold)

Fave bars are peanut and cranberry but have only tried these and orange - next week am going to try the chocolate one.

Fave shakes - choc mint, strawberry, butterscotch and toffe-walnut. Butterscotch and toffee- walnut I've only used as mousses and they are truly delicious!

However other people dislike the ones I've mentioned!

I do use marigold bouillon when I need a savoury fix. Not sure about tabasco - perhaps someone else can let you know this.

I got 2 booklets when I started - one yellow one outlining all the steps of CD and a smaller one just about SS. Just ask your CDC at the next weigh-in for the one you don't have.


WILL be Slim!
well done on making the swap hun!

your CDC is best for advice about additional things, if it aint in the book, it aint allowed is a good route to follow....!
I love the chicken and mush and oriental chilli soups...yum!
Shakes: Strawberry, cappicino, choc mint, banana, butterscotch and choc...all made up with about 600ml water and lots of ice....i find them too sweet if i make them up the way the pack tells you too....used to do it at the start but cant now..
i havent had the small SS book, but had the yelow CD book explaining all the steps....
Would have preferred the SS book i think as the other plans in the CD book look slightly daunting at the moment!
thanks guys, will ask my CDC for the yellow book next week if she does not offer me one. The ss booklet is quite helpful though

thanks for yor advice, all the flavours are so diff from ll and trying to get use to them. had the apple and cinamon porridge and dont really like that but stuck with 7 of them!! just had the oriental soup which was yum

thanks so much for your replies. looking forward to getting to know u all xxxx


Mistress of the Dark
i didn't like the porridge on first go but now i love it. try it again and see what you make of it.

i only really liked the chocolate and chocolate mint shakes. choclate orange and forest fruits = :jelous:

i love all the tetras and especially frozen as ice cream yum!

i only like the chicken and mushroom soup and only when made as crisps (there is a useful recipe thread on here somewhere!).

i love all the bars but prefer the cranberry and the orange one. cranberry and peanut are lower in carbs.

good luck!!! x
thanks guys. I will have a good look at the website and try the porridge again this morning though really dont have much choice until next weigh in! dunno why but yesterday i was absolutely starving, drank all my water and more so not sure why - wondered if it was because of the switch over? feeling better this morning and just abuot to have the porridge lol

thanks again for all your help xxxx

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