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Swore i'd never count calories but its time for that to change!

I eat porridge every morning which i thought was pretty healthy, i put a bit of peanut butter in it for protein but never knew it came out at 850 kcal!! I worked it out today with the scales and what a shock:eek: no wonder i don't feel hungry;) i'm gonna try a little less peanut butter and a little less porridge to bring it down to bout 5-600.
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Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
There's nothing wrong with counting calories :) It's basic maths/science isn't it? Yeah, steer clear from the peanut butter unfortunately... although it is delicious, it is quite possibly evil.
@justpeachy: evil? you might be right but i not so sure. i never really thought about it but sure it might be clogging up arteries would it be? was only loking at it from a calorie perspective:)

@1888ghirl: i had 100g porridge, 50g (tablespoon) peanut butter and 300mls milk. i did put less in there today and was grand, way too much to be shovelling in first thing in morning;)
there's nothing level about my tablespoons, but yeah i just re-weighed it there in case i made a mistake but it was 50g of evil - which is 300 cals:~ sure its not a teaspoon thats 16g?

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I'm telling you, it's evil! Especially cos it's so addictive. I'd never be happy with one tablespoon, are you insane? I want a whole thick layer of it and I wanna spread jam on top of it or nutella.

Or I want to eat lots of Reese cups haha.

Always a fat girl in my head :rolleyes:


A little of everything!
You do know the recommended portion size of porridge is 30g?....Just thought I'd mention.

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Oh dear, what? I'm eating some as we speak, a small bowl, granted and it comes up to 200 cal. I think that's ok? Shocking the things I used to eat, I'd easily eat 3-4 times this amount.


A little of everything!
Portion control is one of the biggest reasons people fail to lose weight at the rate they think they should be. Most foods have a suggested portion size on the side, with the nut. value of that size listed alongside the nut. value of a 100g serving? I was horrified to find out the 'normal' size portion of a lot of foods- especially things like rice/pasta! Foods like porridge though are low-gi, meaning they fill you up better and tak elonger to digest than other breakfast choices, and should (in theory) lead to less snacking in between meals? So it's a great choice. If you're cal-counting and have the cals available, a really good breakfast is porridge with some nuts, and/or scrambled eggs (no fat/milk but add herbs/black pepper & veg- like a mixed-up omelette!)


One day at a time :)
For starters, if you buy natural peanut butter (almost always it's organic) then there is only peanuts and either peanut or palm oil in it so it's not evil and in some studies has actually shown to lower bad cholesterol when eaten in small amounts several times a week.

Secondly, a serving of peanut butter is 1 tsp (20g) NOT tbsp if you are calorie counting and trying to lose weight - esp if it is just a snack and not the bulky part of a meal. This should equate to roughly 120cals

I LOVE peanut butter but have to limit myself to this much daily!
thanks all, yeah the 30g is just laughable, don't know where they get them values?? i'd be starving all morning, i'm actually hungry when it comes to lunch at the minute, i did lower it to about 70g though:) 100g is a bit much in the mornings especially first thing.

i do buy the natural peanut butter, the nice stuff, some of them can be all oily and not nice at all:( but this one is grand. kelkin i think. gorgeous in fact;)

eggs? i actually tried protein powder in it one day and popped it in the microwave, came out like a fried egg on top:( not very tempting i might say but i can always lower it to 20g. seems awful small though.

don't they say eat like a kind in the morning? ha ha problem is i eat like a king lunch and dinner too:(
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One day at a time :)
I've found the only breakfast that keeps me full until lunch is eggs - either scrambled with dry fried veggies or poached with mini wholegrain bread.

I find that porridge always leaves me hungry an hour later - odd because it's supposed to be the opposite!

30g cereal is fine if you bump up the calories by also eating some fruit and/or yogurt or something similar at breakfast.
Eat right food, Do exercises and drink water, this is a high peak tip for weight loss and i do exercise on regular basis and make a plan for managing my diet system, I got a lot of benefits from this.
Eat right food, Do exercises and drink water, this is a high peak tip for weight loss and i do exercise on regular basis and make a plan for managing my diet system, I got a lot of benefits from this.
if only it was that easy. don't get me wrong cos i used to walk the dog 3 times a day, everyday for bout 2-3 hrs per day which was fantastic but now 2 years later and 4 stone heavier i find it awful hard to go walking after work:( my feet are falling off me when i get home and the last thing i want to do is go walking but i know i have to push myself out that door:) thanks though you have inspired me to do something now:)

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