Syn free chicken curry - stock?


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I got a SW free foods book for Christmas and am excited to make the syn free curry in it and was just wondering whether it had to be bovril stock cubes or whether oxo would be OK?

Does anyone know?

And also, do shallots make a difference from normal onions? I am going shopping and having a student budget I would rather just use normal onions but not if there is a taste difference.

Thanks, hope you all had a fab Christmas!! xx
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Both Bovril and oxo cubes are syn free, so you can use either.


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All stock cubes are syn-free - use whatever you have (if you're on a budget, you can always use supermarket brands).

Shallots do tend to have a different flavour compared to normal onions - if you can afford it, use them instead, but if not, normally onions will work too.