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Syn free crisps? or not?


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using potato?
yes they r free


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Are you changing the plan?

Members can be quite creative when it comes to finding “healthier” substitutes for their favourite meals and snacks, yet this can spell disaster for their weight loss!

Tweaking the plan changes the spirit of Food Optimising and could result in members adding lots more Syns to their day without even realising! This is how members could be changing the plan and getting it wrong…

Making snacks like “Slimming World Doritos” from lasagne sheets, quiche using pasta in sauce, and cake from couscous or chickpeas: Although the main ingredients for these recipes are a Free Food they have to be counted as Syns because they’re easy to overeat without realising. When these foods are used in their intended form they’re bulky and usually the main ingredient of a meal along with other satisfying Free or Superfree Foods. This is when you would gain the greatest satiety from these foods. In essence eating them in this ‘snack’ form encourages members to eat more calories without the satisfaction of a filling, healthy meal and this could be jeopardising their weight losses. It’s an effective way of adding a lot of extra calories in a non-bulky, non-satisfying way. To protect members’ weight loss we would always recommend when using these products in this way to count them as Syns

Liquidising Free Foods: Pureeing rice and other Free Food to make sauces could really harm members’ weight losses. When bulky foods such as rice, macaroni and semolina are used in their original form they are usually the main ingredient in a meal. If liquidised and used as a sauce in addition to a main meal they must be counted as Syns as they are adding lots of extra calories to your meal. Eating in this way reverts to a style of eating like the one that helped us gain weight in the first place – choosing a relatively large amount of calories/energy in a non-filling form. Fascinatingly, the less you have to chew food, the easier it is to eat more of it too, because you’re missing out on one of the first stages of feeling full and satisfied – chewing!

Interesting chunk taken out from an article originally sent to the poster by her consultant. Because the syn free crisps are what could be a filling free jacket potato, turned into a small and unfilling snack, I'm sure they would have to be synned!

However, they probably are lower fat than shop bought ones if you really fancy crisps, but sadly I think they should technically be synned! x


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ah thats ok, I read it about an hour before I saw this and thought it was very relevant! It was Honeyoc who originally posted it though! x


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In MY opinion they are not free, nor is cous cous cake, chick pea cake, lasagne doritos, chick pea "nuts" or anything else like that. I've never had them and if I did, I would syn them.
It's too easy to over indulge!

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I must confess that I have indulged a few times in the past in all of the ones above that Jaylou has mentioned and never synned them. I dont eat masses and dont have them regularly. I havent eaten them since there was this huge are they/arent they debate though!


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For what it's worth I agree with Jaylou. For me the sure test is to ask yourself whether you would be using the cous cous/chickpea/lasagne or whatever in that recipe if you were not on SW. If the answer is no then to my mind it's not using it in the way in the way it was intended and should therefore be synned. The potato chips are a bit more of a grey area in this respect but you could very easily chomp your way through several potatoes in one sitting just as a snack, when otherwise you would be having them as part of a meal. So i think that it is still better to syn them as well.


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As with anything, if your weight loss slows or stalls and anyone eats these things regularly, then these are the things to cut out.

When we had the polenta cake debate I emailed SW with reference to the chilli corn (polenta) bread in one of the SW cookbooks and their reply was that the bread was eaten as a meal, with beans, not as a snack or side dish so this was okay. If the bread was made as a side dish then it was not free.

Again, if your losses are okay then carry on but if not - take heed!!


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Since i found my crisp maker 6 weeks ago i have had 2 potatos worth.

I counted them as free.

If i ate a gallon of them every day i would syn them.


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I think theres no harm in having them occasionally and not synning them...but I think we all just need to be aware that they ARE worth syns and not eat them all the time in large quanities like we do with free foods! However they definitely would have less fat than regular crisps so the syn value probably wouldnt be huge...but according to the SW plan they arent filling, and the potatos arent being used as part of a main meal, or in the way they are intended, so definitely syns!! x