Puddings SYN FREE ICE CREAM!!!!!!


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Just been looking through Bumpy's desert recipes mmmm and found Ice cream's missing :cry:
however Synfree Ice cream is easy to make
you'll need

1 tub of quark
1 500g tub of fat free crème fresh
granulated sweetener
one bag of no added sugar frozen fruit
vanilla essence

take a bowel add the quark and crème fresh mix gently till smooth add the sweetener gently mixing again now add 3 drops or 4 of the vanilla essence, add the bag of frozen fruit mixing until the black berries turn the mix pink.
once mixed cover and chill for 35 mins.

because the strawberries are frozen still or you may loose a tooth !
then sit and enjoy the whole tub nom nom nom.

maybe a synfull grate of chocolate is in order :eat: and :party0023:
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oh that sounds lovely, def give it a go:D


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oh wow, thanks! I've just been throwing my mullerlights in the ice cream maker to pretend I'm still having ice cream, this is so much better!


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Sound scrummy. I made something similar the other day but blitzed up all the fruit too so felt obliged to count it as puree. Hadn't thought to just leave the fruit whole.


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Creme fraiche has LOTs of syns. Even the low fat versions!


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Might work with low fat fromage frais x but wouldn't be free
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So where does one get this fat free creme fraiche from? I have never seen it - only reduced fat or full fat.

It might work with Total 0%?


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is total 0% free?


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I would use virtually fat free fromage frais and add sweetner to keep it syn free.