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Syn free muffins


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Are you sure these are Syn free? There was a big discussion a while back about cous cous cake and how it has to be Synned when the cous cous is used as flour


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Someone checked with SW and the word was that cous cous cake was free because you made up the cous cous as directed using water so I imagine the same applies here. Personally I think it's a food abuse because there's no way you would choose to use cous cous in this way if you were not on SW.
i heard that too...but then my leader said that it should be sinned. as u tend to eat more of it in muffins and something about calories etc. i kinda wasnt listening but i dont think im going to risk it
I made them and they were lovely but wont be making them again as I ended up eating the lot cos the kids thought they were disgusting. Too much temptation for me!!!!
If you ground the cous cous it would be considered using it as flour. For these cakes and muffins you make the cous cous up as normal. Who stated that cous cous had to be savoury? It isn't a rule!! You are making cous cous as normal but adding sweet ingredients.


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Your still using it as an alternative to flour though aren't you, as your using it instead of flour. So surely that counts as an 'alternative'. I will email my consultant for a definitive answer before I decide to use it in that way, because if I can use it like that, there are masses of cake recipes out there! nom nom nom lol


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Not according to my consultant. I sent her a text and this is her reply...

You need to count it as syns. Use syn's as if having cous cous on a red day, even if your on extra easy plan or green. Cous cous is meant to be used as a meal, not a cake. When used in this way it is being used as a flour alternative, and can no longer be free.

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