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Syn Targets....Missing out on BodyOptimise

Hi there

I registered on Body Optimise a couple of weeks ago (Slimming world online where you don't go to meetings)

I've read that in the classes the consultant will help you work out the best target between the 5 - 15 Syns per day. I don't hav the benefit of that. Does it really happen like that or are you all told to just aim for somewhere between 5 - 15??

I'm trying to keep the Syns quite low but I'm upping my exercise at the same time and I'm a bit worried might not be eating enough so my body will go into starvation mode
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In most cases the consultants just tell you to aim somewhere between 5 and 15.
My consultant says aim for 10 ish a day and never go below 5.

In my experience you are better starting off with more and then if necessary when closer to gola cut back.

I have also heard that people with a lot to lose (especially men) it is suggested that they have 20 or people that are extremely active ie training for a marathon
Please don't try to keep your syns low. The consultant doesn't help you work out the best number really, most of them say 10 a day but don't go below 5 or above 15. That's it!

If you keep your syns too low or don't have any, when and if you hit a plateau or need a boost you have nothing to cut down on.

Syns are as much a part of the plan as A's and B's and free food.

To be honest, I wish they'd change the name of them!!
I couldn't agree more on the name. We call them points or extras as Syns gives completely the wrong signal.

I'm not consciously trying to keep them low but I do like healthy food and am perfectly happy on Superfree and Free foods. I get so full on those it feels wrong to eat anything else.

I'll try and bump the numbers back up again. I miss real cheese and its easy to bump up the points with that!!!

My weakness is booze so on nights when I let myself drink I tend to go over 15 anyway. I'm trying to make sure it evens out reasonably over the week but I'd rather have consistent days


One day at a time
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I'm totally with you on thinking that syns is a really bad name for them. It actually prejudiced me against looking into SW for years because of it.

Now I realise that I can use those 'syns' on healthy additions to my food I'm happy. I guess I've had food issues in the past and it seemed a very negative name. :eek:


One day at a time
S: 21st13lb C: 21st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 54 Loss: 0st2lb(0.65%)
It's not really, is it? Reckon they should rethink it in light of all the eating disorders and negative thinking that many have developed through poor dieting regimes in the past.

Oooh, hark at me on my soap box. :ashamed0005:


you lookin' at me?
I don't care what they are called to be honest. I simply use them as they are intended, to increase the variability of what I eat. A life of lettuce munching is not my idea of pleasure, whereas lettuce with some caeser dressing.... nom nom nom, lol.
The Consultants usually suggest 10 as a starting point, and then, if all goes well you stick with that, occasionally though some people find that they have issues where 10 does not work for them and this is where a C will help to adjust the number you should aim for. It would be a trial and error thing so you can perhaps do that yourself IF required but, I suspect if you follow the plan online correctly, ask advice here if needed, you'll be fine.
Good luck with your Weight Loss:)
It's not really, is it?
Q: Why change the spelling of Sins to Syns?

A: Over the years the word ‘Sins’ has been much loved but greatly debated. We wanted a new word unique to Slimming World. The word ‘Syns’ is short for ‘synergy’ and reflects the many ‘synergystic’ effects of Slimming World’s unique methods. The definition of synergy is:

‘the working together of two or more parts to produce an effect greater than
the sum of their individual effects.’

Slimming World is full of synergies, such as the fantastic way that Food Optimising, Image Therapy and Body Magic work together to give members their very best chance of lifetime success. Another great example of Slimming World synergies is how the three elements of Food Optimising – Free Food, Healthy Extras and Syns – work together to create the perfect lifestyle system for weight loss.


One day at a time
S: 21st13lb C: 21st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 54 Loss: 0st2lb(0.65%)
I suppose it does make sense from that explanation. I do like the way it works together but I still agree that its not good enough really. Seems like a good 'save' after critics have gone on about it.

Do love SW though. As ygerna said, whatever its called it seems to work. :)

Gingery - I joined bodyoptimise recently and am on my 4th week. I love the recipe bank and the online syns calculator has been invaluable.
The activity challenges are fun too although I've yet to do more than admire them as yet. :eek:
Wow, looks like you are doing really well.

I like the online searchesand fitness stuff but I found the website a little confusing to begin with. I understand SW pushing the 'new' Extra Easy but I think I would have found it easier if they started with the basics. I think it would be easy for someone who already knew slimming world to follow...... or maybe it's just me reading it incorrectly.

It is really good though! I'm trying the land end to John o'groats challenge... but I haven't got very far :(
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My newest Consultant is the best explainer ever and has explained Syns to me so I haven't got my brain thinking that I need to avoid them. It goes back to the synergy thinking that was posted above - Slimming World is a food combining diet. She said that it will only work if you have a little of what you enjoy so that is worked in, or "synchronised", with the food plan. And then she uttered that little phrase that makes me weep as I am an over-indulger:

*Everything in moderation*

The Syns are measured to teach you that.

I am so inspired this time it is untrue. I have gone on for 10 days now about the New Me and how good I feel about being on plan and this time it will deffo work.
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Thought it was just me who hates the use of the word sins/syns!

It irritates me a lot. And I think it sends out the wrong message.
I absolutely agree - a rebranding is called for. 'syns' sounds naughty, like you should feel guilty for having them as you've been led into temptation. NOT what they are at all - just ways of rounding out a realistic and healthy diet plan. Hummm, not good.
Im with you all, and I said this a while ago. It gives totally the wrong impression of what they are for and why we should use them. Simply changing the spelling and giving it a more positive spin based paragraph of explanation doesnt cut it at all. You dont write when discussing things with people, and so it sounds like SINS, however it is spelt.

It does need a rebranding, because it still sounds naughty, even though it supposedly isnt.
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Are you Really NOT meant to go under 5 a day?? I only had 8.5 the whole of last week..I just didn't fancy anything on top of my 3 meals.Hmm think I need to relook at what I can add there then :eek:


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I don't like that they're called sins either, it doesn't matter how it's spelt, syn or sin, it's the same when you say it!

I personally think of them as points.

BTW I am also on SW online and it says (can't find it again) that for someone with 3-4 stone to lose, 5-15 syns is about right. I have about 12-13 stone to lose so I allow myself 20-25 and just try to keep everything as healthy as possible.

I need to do that because 15 syns to me is not enough, I need to cut it down gradually as the weight comes off x

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