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Syn values please :)

Ummm I get 4 syns if I enter yogurt as a free food (it being low fat) or 4.5 if I dont.

I might have it wrong:confused: What brand is it, might be easier?
Thanks for your reply. Do you know, the first time I checked it a week ago I got 4. It's called Glenisk natural low fat probiotic yogurt. Thanks again.
On trying it again using the drop down boxes for the free food allowance (it being dairy) it still comes out at 0.5 for red green on EE. Oh lordy, what to syn it at :confused:
OK I know where I went wrong, I was entering those values per 100g and calculating a 125g serving, are those values meant to be *per* 125g serving? If so it comes out at 0.5 *IF* you use yogurt as a free food.

However Im not at all sure that you're supposed to use it as a free food in this case, as it's the yoghurt itself you're trying to calculate, (it's not a fat-free yogurt). I'd be on the safe side and have it as 4 syns which is the value it gives if you dont use yogurt as free.

Hopefully someone'll be along soon who knows a bit more about it :)
Yep those values are for 125g pot. I know what you're saying about being on the safe side and using 4 syns. Only thing is that there's quite a difference between .5 and 4 so maybe leave them out until I know for sure. Thanks for your help :)
Just looked in the book and it says low-fat yoghurt 0.5 syns per 100g so I guess that should be OK.

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