Syn values required please!


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I have decided to clear the store cupboard as was saving a lot of stuff that's not even been touched.

Can anyone give syn values for the following so I can get on with this week and shop around the with "extras"

Ainsleys Aromatic Thai style cous cous with red and green peppers (100g less than 2% fat) (x2)

Creamy tomato & basil

Bachelors pasta'n'sauce Mild cheese and Brocolli
Cheese, leek & ham
Tomato, onion & herb

ignore the above 3 as I located the sticky!

(are they still free?)

Bachelors low fat super noodles - sweet thai chilli

Bachelors savoury rice - golden (x2)

Assuming these are free or low syn I'm going to try and get rid of most of them this week.

Amazing the stuff you hear of, pick up, throw in the shopping trolly, then stockpile lol.

Any help/suggestions as I'd quite like to add to them adding more free food, prawns, mushrooms etc.

My own rule of always making fresh food, i.e. non-processed and packets etc. went out of the window as Florida needed to be paid for this week.

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The low fat supernoodles and the savoury golden rice are both free on Green and EE.
I sometimes use half a pkt of those noodles mixed in to stir fried vegetables and chicken etc.


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I always add chicken or turkey breast to my pasta and sauce, rice and cous cous and then have spinach and rocket with them or throw some 'real' mushrooms in


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Hello! Are all packet rices free on Green or just the one mentioned above? :)


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S: 17st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 6st11lb(38.78%)
Hi you said you found out the syn for the Ainsley Harriott cous cous, can you tell me what it is i cant seem to find it?!
Sorry it was the three Pasta'n'Sauce one's I found on another thread, not Ainsley's.