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syn values


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The meatballs aren't listed I'm afraid
I believe the reduced fat supernoodle are syn free, but it's not something I ever eat so I might be wrong.
If you post the nutritional information on the meatfree meatballs someone will be able to look up the syns for you.

Supernoodles: the fat free and Supernoodles to go (98% fat free) are free on green and extra easy days (all flavours). Don't know about supermarket brands though!


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You'll have to either give info per 100g or give me the weight of a meatball. And also what the main ingredient is. At the moment it's looking pretty high in fat to me but who knows!


Strutting her stuff
It's difficult to say for sure as it depends whether we give it a free food allowance or not. De-fatted soya protein is syn free and would qualify it for an allowance and work out as 1.5 syns per 100g. If it's not de-fatted then it would be 8 syns per 100g.

The Sainsbury meat free mince is high in syns so I suspect it would be the second option I'm afraid. Perhaps you could phone the syn helpline to see what they say?

Sainsbury's Meatfree Mince, frozen 454g pack

14½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 14½ Syns
Green 14½ Syns


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