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Syns Calculation

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A Very Determined Bunny!!
hmmm looks like know one knows.. i'd like to though!!


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Please tell me how do you work out the syn value of something because some things have me trouble i.e. options hot chocolate being more of a syn than normal hot choc?
you would have to go online to the slimming world website and to the syns calculator and put in all the values it asks for and it will tell you how many syns it has - hope that helps.

Determined Bunny

A Very Determined Bunny!!
i think she knows the syn value,just wants to know why? x
Options chocolate does actually work out less syns per gram than normal hot chocolate.

Normal hot choc you would get 28g for 6 syns
Options hot choc you would get 33g for 6 syns

As a rule of thumb 20cals = 1 syn


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As a general guide 20 calories = 1 syn, but this can only be used to calculate food items that have no free foods in its makeup. So something like pasta & sauce syns couldn't be calculated using this method because it's mostly free with only a few syns for the non free components. Hope this makes sense.

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