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syns for fajita seasoning

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Derbynanny, 20 August 2010 Social URL.

  1. Derbynanny

    Derbynanny Gold Member

    I am making my hubby fajitas for dinner tonight and I was planning on having just the meat and veg with the seasoning as a stir fry with no tortillas. So i need to knwo the syns for the seasoning pkt that comes in the fajita kit.

    I am thinking from the syns online it is 5.5 a packet but that seems a lot.

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  3. loungelizard

    loungelizard Silver Member

    Does it have any thickener like conflour in it. I can't remember as I just tend to use either cajun or jamaican jerk seasoning now which is free.
  4. Derbynanny

    Derbynanny Gold Member

  5. loungelizard

    loungelizard Silver Member

    If that's between two of you it's not so bad:) I find spraying the chicken pieces in frylight and then putting on seasoning and leaving in the fridge for a while gives it a good flavour. Brown the chicken, chuck in peppers and onion, more seasoning and a bit of water does the job just as well as the kits.
  6. Becca1993

    Becca1993 Full Member

    Different brands differ slightly. Like one i've used is 5 and the other is 5.5.

    I usually buy the hotter ones and weigh out half a packet and just use half a packet. (save the other half for another day :D ) Comes out as hot as a mild one would. Then i use it for 4 people so it works out half a syn each :)

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