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Syns help please

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Jeanne Von Buttonpopper, 22 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Picked up a bargain tea from the co-op but really not sure about the syns if anyone could help me please? I have done a search but cannot find it posted already.

    It's Oriental Sweet Chilli Chicken (marinated chicken breast with red pepper, carrot, water chestnuts, mangetout and spring onion - so lots of superfree)

    Nutritional values are per 100g: (sorry can't remember what you need for the syns calculator been so long since I used it).

    Cals 90
    Fat 1.6g
    Sats 0.3g
    Carbs 9.0g
    Sugars 9.0g
    Fibre 0.8g
    Protein 9.7g
    Salt 0.1g
    Total pack is 600g.

    Hope someone can help :)
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  3. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....


    it comes in at 9.5 for the whole 600g using chicken as a free food allowance. 600g is quite sizeable though so presumably it feeds two?

    Hark at me, I'd polish 600g off easy haha. With the exception of the chicken of course!
  4. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Oh that's brill thank you so much, you're always so helpful with the tricky syn questions. Yes to feed 2 so I'm very happy with that. Was £5, now £1.25 - I couldn't resist :D
  5. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    That's good then. Sounds yummy. I quite fancy making something like that but with quorn maybe. Hmmm **goes off to dig out recipe books**

    ps I used my soup flask today! Homemade super speed tomato soup for luncheon, with scan bran. Think it's too late to repair damage done though this weekend!

    enjoy your meal! X
  6. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Demolished - the sauce seemed too vinegary, don't think I would have again. But still worth a try.

    Well done on putting the flask to good use already! I hope to try mine ASAP. I was very good this weekend (polishes halo) I'm sure you'll be fine, you are doing so well.

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