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SYNS Online - advice

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by PaddingtonBear, 21 November 2007 Social URL.

  1. I started SW on Monday and am doing it via the BodyOptimise website.

    I'm on an Original day and had some Ham and Somerfield Fresh Tomato and Basil Soup for lunch. Under the Syns Online there were 7 syns in my soup which I thought was bizzare as its fresh, low calorie and fat and basically tomatos (free), basil (free) and water.

    I checked on the online calculator and used the nutritional information on the side of the tub - it came out as a free food!

    What should I do?
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  3. ksmiuk

    ksmiuk Gold Member

    if you used the online calc i would count it as free has it got cream in ?
  4. ThinLizzy

    ThinLizzy Wants to be a yummy mummy

    How very odd!!

    You could always try the syns online phone number and tell them about it, i think i posted the number on my thread about vitamin supplements...its 60p a minute but they are very efficient and very quick with responses.....will have to do it tomorrow though because they work officey hours....good luck in getting to the bottom of that one :confused:
  5. mavis1988

    mavis1988 Full Member

    Hi, I've been at slimming world for three weeks, my 3rd weigh in is tomorrow. I always use this forum to find info on syns, eating out and food ideas, it's great! But I was just wondering how you find out things like nandos syn ect, lots of people have said syns online, but I dunno how to do it :0(. Any help would be great xxx
  6. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    There is a forum on here about eating out. You can do a search for particular foods or restaurants (there are loads about Nandos) or post a question if you can't find the answer. Some restaurants are listed on syns online - you put the restaurant name in instead of manufacturer, but as dishes differ a lot from place to place it's impossible to give accurate syn values for many.
  7. mavis1988

    mavis1988 Full Member

    Ah that's great, think I've subscribed to the eating out forum, it's so hard to get the hang of on this site lol, I'm sure I'll get there tho. Do you know where I can find syns online? Thanx so much for your help xx
  8. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    pre-made soups are always synned. no idea why but ive asked this one before. so go with the 7 syns.
  9. chocolateworm

    chocolateworm Full Member

    Mini_mog is right, SW don't allow a free food allowance for pre made soup ( i guess you put tomatoes when putting it in the calculator, which you cant do with soup) so its 1 syn for 20 cals. If you made the soup yourself, assuming you only used free foods, it would be free. Check the recipe section, theres lots in there :)

    Edit: just realised this was a reaaaly old thread, sorry! Hope it helps someone though..
  10. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    Really old! I didn't notice that at all!
  11. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    You only have access to it if you are a SW member - it is on the member's section of the SW website
  12. mavis1988

    mavis1988 Full Member

    Thank you, I'm a member just need my password or pin thing from my c tomorrow. :0) Thankyouuuuuu xx
  13. mscaw

    mscaw Member

    Mavis my pin was in my book on the consultants details page x
  14. honteg

    honteg Member

    My pin was wrote on my sw card.

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