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syns or no syns?? plus rice pudding question

:p hi there,
Ive not had any syns since starting this diet on Friday but I ve read that you should have about 5 a day. Is this right or will it not do any harm to not have syns? Its just I am so overweight I cant bare to put something naughty past my lips without feeling guilty and I wld not know what I could have for just5 syns (we have got breakaways in, would that do)
Also I ve seen a syn free rice pudding but can not remember where I saw it.
you boil some pudding rice then add a vanilla muller light and sweeten to taste with slenda
If anyone hasdone this, can you haveit warm? never had cold rice pudding!!!!
thanks x
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The point of syns is so that you can put something naughty past your lips without feeling guilty! You really should try to eat between 5 and 15 per day - doesn't have to be 'naughty' stuff like chocolate - you can use syns in your meals for example.

If you don't eat any syns, then there will be nothing to cut down on if and when you get to the point where your weightloss is slow/non-existant :)
If you have a lot to lose (which is the case for me), I would not recommend having NO syns. Syns are there for a reason. To be USED.

If you are following the original or green plan the recommended amount of syns is no less than 5 a day (5-15 per day), if you are following Extra Easy the recommend amount is no less than 10 a day (10-15 per day). This is according to the body optimise website.

A lot of people when starting Slimming World mistakingly think that having no many syns or no syns will speed their weight loss, but this is not true. 15 syns is about 300 calories, so 2100 calories a week. Cutting them all out, is not really going to have much affect so early on in the diet. Plus if you start off with no syns, when you get a long way down the diet, and do not have much left to lose and the weight is not shifting, if you have been having no syns from the start, you have nothing to cut back on, as you cant cut out your free foods or healthy extras. Also it is worth remembering, that no diet is going to be stuck to, if you constantly deprive yourself of treats.

I following extra easy and always have 15 syns per day. They don't have to be used on just chocolate and crisps and those type of foods, you can use them on sauces for stir fries and a whole heap of other things. But you have them to use. So use them.

I lost 4lbs this week, by following extra easy, having lots of free foods, all my healthy extra's and all of my 15 syns a day.
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I don't think the diet would be sustainable for very long having no syns. One of the best things about this diet is the fact that nothing is 'banned' and you can incorporate yummy things into your day/week.

It takes some getting used to but don't be afraid of syns!


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Hi! Lots of good advice there so nothing really to add except to say that I had up to 10 syns a day every day I was on plan and still do now that I'm at target.

Oh and yes you can eat the rice pudding hot or cold. If you want to find the recipe you can do a search - button toward top right of main board that says "search this forum". There are several variations depending on whether you want to cook in the oven, microwave, hob and use/not use milk. It's yummy! :D
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Again great advice given, definately recommend eating Syns as your less likely to veer off plan and binge. I have between 7 and 15 each day and use them on whatever I fancy without feeling guilty.
Just imagine prior to SW how easy it was to eat a bar of choc then another etc...it would be scary to syn a non SW day so thats why this works so well - a little of what you fancy really does do you good


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