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If you're following the plan to the letter then no, you're not supposed to carry them over. The plan says for us to aim to have between 5 and 15 per day.

However, some people have been known to use their Syns weekly, rather than daily. By this I mean counting their Syns out of 105 throughout the week, rather than out of 15 each day. For example, one day you might have used 3 Syns, but then the next day you've used 25. That would be 25/105 and you'd have 80 Syns left for the rest of the week. Personally this method doesn't work for me, as I need to follow the plan pretty strictly or else I'll just binge.

The only thing I would suggest is to make sure you're at least having some Syns every day. Once you get closer to your target your weight loss might slow down, and one way of encouraging your weight loss to start again is to gradually lower your Syns. Hence you need to start off having Syns so that you have something to lower if you find yourself in this situation.

Hope I haven't rambled too much and that this makes some sense. Good luck xx
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Like princess stevie says, some people do and can carry them over (within the weighing week of course!!) but it is a good idea to use sense.

For example, they aren't designed so that you eat next to none of them all week and then just binge on one day. I would say have at least 5 a day and do what you like with the other 10.


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I was reading one of the success stories in the new mag (I think it was the girl on the cover) and she said that she stopped losing because she was having all her syns at the weekend. I suppose it's trial and error and also learning good habits such as having a little treat everyday rather than having a huge blowout in one go xx


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The official word from SW is that you CAN have the syns over the week - so as long as you dont have more than 105 in a wk then you have stuck to plan

From the SW website:
Myth - 4. You can’t save your Syns up for a night out at the weekend!
Truth - Yes, you can! If you really want to – and you feel really confident that by depriving yourself of Syns for some or most of the week, you’ll be able to enjoy your night out knowing that you’ve stayed within your week’s Syns – go ahead.
If missing out all week feels difficult… and especially if you’re worried about ‘blowing it’ part way through, the alternative is to stay flexible with your Syns. Your weight loss may be a tiny bit slower, although in the long term you could actually achieve a greater weight loss because you avoid those feelings of deprivation. What’s more, with flexible Syns, you could eat healthily and happily for the rest of your life and keep your weight off for good!
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