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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by 01chripr, 8 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. 01chripr

    01chripr Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm doing Slimming World from home so forgive me if this is a real rookie question (or maybe one that's been answered several times) but I was wondering what makes a food syn free.

    Muller lights for example, why is it syn free. Is it because it's under 100 calories, fat free or is there another method to the madness?


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  3. jen3

    jen3 Silver Member

    Its just one of the rules - yoghurt is free if its fat free AND sugar free - this will automatically make it low calorie anyway, Ones with added fruit layers, cakey bits etc arent free

    Watch out for the sugar as loads of fat free ones have sugar in so will be synned
  4. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Gold Member

    Mullerlite yogurts have sugar in them but they are still free.
  5. Minniemouse23

    Minniemouse23 Silver Member

    I have no idea why things are free but not all muller lights are free....
  6. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    I believe it's to do with how calorie dense things are. So bad calories like fat and sugar that break down quickly and have no real nutritional benefit are synned. Healthier or more complex calories are free because they're healthier, have greater nutritional value, take longer to break down and leave your feeling more full and for longer.
  7. sunnyshine

    sunnyshine Member

    Oh my gosh I didn't realise this! I can't get muller lights so I've been eating fat free yoghurt and I didn't even think about sugar! Will be checking this now when in the supermarket!
  8. ally_88

    ally_88 Silver Member

    Yeah you need to be careful! The big tubs of onken fat free yogurt used to be syn free when I started but then they changed their recipe from using sweetener to sugar! I usually stick to mullerlights, weightwatcher or 0% activias.
  9. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Kickbacks ;)
  10. sunnyshine

    sunnyshine Member

    So I checked the nutritional info of a Muller Light vanilla, and the vanilla fat free yoghurt I normally buy. Mine is lower in sugar and fat over 175g than a vanilla Muller Light! Win! And today I also found shredded wheat summer fruits! It was the only cereal (except bran flakes and rice krispies, but so not a fan) in the cereal isle that is on the HEXB list. And....still stocking 70 calorie Alpen Lights! I know this is an amalgamation of about 3 different threads but I'm excited about my finds.
  11. Minniemouse23

    Minniemouse23 Silver Member

    What yoghurt were you eating? I'll have a look online on my slimming world and make sure
  12. sunnyshine

    sunnyshine Member

    Hi. You may not find it as it's a Finnish make but it's Ingman Vanilla fat free (Ingman vanilja rasvaton). It's 0.1% fat (which is the same as 100g Muller Light Vanilla). The container is in the fridge though and I'm at work so I can't give you all the info :) I hope I remembered it correctly now, when I wrote the previous post!!
  13. jen3

    jen3 Silver Member

    definitely kickbacks then!! I try not to eat a lot of them anyway

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