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taff's 6th weigh in

great loss! and really good overall total so far too :)

irish molly

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Taff, way to go girl!!! 40lbs is a great achievement in a short enough time. Keep it up.


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whooo well done!!! shall i update the crimbo challenge?x


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Hi Tafflass,
very well done to you, a great weight loss and 40 lb , did you ever think you'd see it, it's fantastic. Well done and all the best for the coming week. Keep up the good work.
Woohoooo! :queen: Inch loss! You're going to be leaving us all behind at this rate! I'm bet you're so pleased that you actually have a smile just like that like smilie! :D

My chemist doesn't have the flapjacks. In a way I'm glad as I would have to try one and I've been told they taste like cardboard (I'm still wondering how anyone knows what cardboard tastes like ho hum)

Super duper HRH! Still vibrating? When is your next measurement?



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Well done hun that is a great loss and overall amazing one. You must feel fab :)
thanks everyone x

bets i only managed 2 little bits then felt sick.not ever doing them again.just choc shakes for me from now on.
next measurements next week coz i cheated and done them early this week lol x

i actually lost 4.5 this week but my chemist is only doing it in whole pounds.no biggy.
i've just worked out that i'm only 2lb off my 3 stone total and 1lb from my 2 stone on lipotrim :D

time is flying by doing this. defo gonna stop first week of december though and refeed for 2 weeks then join a club for the last stone or so coz i don't think i could do this over christmas x

ooh i also managed to get in an 18 top today(was 24):D
no hannah,don't do it!
i spoke too soon and only had a little then felt sick.
i'm perfectly happy on just my choc shakes,can live with them.

saying that you may actually like them though to me they still taste like gravy powder or the like x
whooo hooo Taff!! 40lbs is a super achievemnet and so is gettinginto an 18's top, bet you felt fab! xx
Then I'll not bother trying them, they sound disgusting. I started off with all 3 flavoured shakes, then kind of went off the strawberry and loved the chocolate and was meh, whatever about the vanilla. So I went all choc, and now I'm meh about the choc and yum about the vanilla! Weird how tastes change.

I know! I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by while on this. Great eh. My Hub says he doesn't want me doing it over Christmas. I don't know what to do? I was thinking of refeeding 2 weeks before Christmas so I can celebrate with some booze. Part of me says no as I cope so well and Christmas is no excuse to eat and drink. I think I'm scared of the refeed process. I'll have to study it a bit more.

An 18 top, that's incredible, from a 24. Girl you are kicking ass on this plan. Amazing. It proves how brilliant your inch loss is.

You did that wrong, you have to round up, not down, so you lost 5lb! You have done so well and I kind of hate you and am jealous over your inch loss.


Taff you must feel absolutely ecstatic!! Bet you just feel on top of the world right now!!

Well done hun- you're a STAR!


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