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Take 3

I am back again. This is my third attempt and I am ashamed to say I am back up to 13:11. I am on day one and not feeling it too badly at the moment but it was always the evenings that was hard. I am going to try to sole source but the first time I attempted that it only lasted a couple of weeks then it was up to SS+ for the duration. I will update my signature when I get a chance. Good luck everyone.
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No need to be embarrased about previous attempts, so many of us have tried before, and that definitely includes me. My vow is to succeed this time, lets both achieve our dreams! Good Luck
Thanks. Definately need to go all the way this time and step up the plans, I got down to between a size 8 and 10 the first time I did it and just thought, "ok i am done". Very silly. Well done on being over half of the way there.
Well, I got through day one, and although it sounds odd I am slightly worried about how easy it was. No hunger and no headache. I am sure that will right itself in the next few days. I even managed a trip to Tesco and a bag of open onion rings without feeling tempted. I have to say I have stocked up on Quorn pieces just incase I feel the need to slip. I figure SS+ is better than cheating. I have only ever managed two weeks of SS so I will see how it goes.
Good Luck for Day 2. Oddly enough the excitement of being back on a VLCD kept me going for first few days, then it seemed to get harder. Keep glugging the water, posting here for inspiration and think of how you proved in the past that you can do this diet; keep up the good work!
you sound like me!!
third time lucky, similar weight etc, I am half way through week.......ermmm I have forgotten if it is 3 or 4?!!! anyway I am still in the zone, managing well doing ss+ (well my own version of it but hey it works for me and keeps me going!)
good luck, you will be onto week 3 or 4 before you know it!!


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Size 8 - 10!! Id be screaming it from the roof tops so dont be ashamed!! Sure you'l get there again soon enough. Its posts like this that i hope will stop me from disillusioning (is that even a word) myself when i eventually get to target, as in losing it is half the work n maintaining is the rest. Though it is some what reassuring that even if i do have a slip there is always the poss of a return. Thought maybe after doing it once it would be impossible to return... So well done you!!!!
My tough time was about day 4 and 5 on the first week, a few others here experienced the same. From then on it does get easier as ketosis is firmly established, you develop a daily routine and the very fast weight loss spurs you on.
Then a little while on comes the compliments and the down sizing of clothes - its all so worth it to get through the first few days/first week!
Mastermind, I am blown away by your week 1 loss. I think the first two times I did this the biggest loss I got in a week was 6 pounds. That is amazing. Well done, keep it up.

Shell, I was definately over the moon when I got down to that size. Kept telling my mum to look at the labels in my clothes, it was amazing, just want that bak again now. It is always there to come back to but make this attempt count. The first time is always easier. I think that the maintaining is the majority of the battle.

Blingbabe, I think that 4 and 5 were my worst days last time so I will make sure I have plenty of bath bombs and lock my boyfriend in the kitchen with his dinner. I also see you had the same start, what have your lossses been like each week?
Hey Charley, is this the first restart? Did you work your way up the programmes? that was definately my fall down. Yes lets do it together. I am sure it helps to have a buddy.
Hi Becca bug, yes this is my first restart.

I got to goal, then tried to work up plans before hols, but I only had 2 weeks to do so....anyways 810 was ok but then I went away and of course it was full board and I ate and ate :( Then came home and have had ear infections and have been in agony so have comfort ate.

Hence the 12.1 ! But I am going to try and stay positive ! I managed to get to goal in 13 weeks and so this lil 22lbs I hope will be off in a month !
Yeah I think you can do that no problem. Are you Sole Sourcing? I am trying but had to have a bit of quorn last night. may just SS+. Will see how WI goes on Thursday but as it will only be 4 days in I am not hoping for too much.