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Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by jessiemurf, 10 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. jessiemurf

    jessiemurf Full Member

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows any calorie values of takeaways we could eat on slim fast if any lol
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  3. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Very little to none really.

    I think you'd want to look towards tomato based sauces, no bread (pitta bread etc), grilled items, low to no cheese (unless something has like ricotta or feta)

    It depends what calories your meal needs to be too
  4. tink2011

    tink2011 Silver Member

    I used to have half a byriani with a bit of sauce and a couple of popadoms with yoghurt and onion never effected my weight loss much. Or the chicken tikka starter is dry with rice and salad .

    Not sure on other takeaways sorry unless they have the kebabs they grill lamb/ chicken (the stuff on skewers) lots of salad and a pitta just not the big naans you could even do your own pitta or wrap so you know cals and just get the meat.
  5. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    M&S do a range of takeaways in their low cal range. We had a mix of three (sold that way, not us mixing ) which was tasty. Does mean you have to cook it yourself but you know what's in it and it's cheaper :)
  6. jessiemurf

    jessiemurf Full Member

    That's great to know princess sparkles thank you x

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