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    Just a thought...

    Sometimes I find it abit unavoidable to get a takeaway as we usually have family over on weeknd etc. Just wondered what other people get from a takeaway and how many points they count it as..?
    I enjoy a good takeout but I would enjoy it more if it was within my daily allowance x
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    Hi Kimmy87!
    I very rarely get a takeaway anymore..they're too expensive!!. But when we do, I usually have half a portion of egg fried rice (5) with prawn curry (8) and half a portion of small chips on the side (4).
    It's making me hungry typing this out!!
  4. kelz89

    kelz89 Full Member

    chinese is pretty low points, and very scrummy! i think chicken chow mein is 7 points :)x
  5. xKimmyRx

    xKimmyRx soon to be slim...x

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    Thank u em :D im gna have a good look thru that link wen I get on computer as I usually come on here on my phone! Luckily I dont usually pay for mine but I pay for it in fat lol so im tryin to be good and count points for it or even just say no! Lol xxx
  6. xKimmyRx

    xKimmyRx soon to be slim...x

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    Oooh only 7 thats really good! Even tho its quite alot that u get in a portion?? Its my fav :) xxx
  7. kelz89

    kelz89 Full Member

    Someone posted this a while back and it says chicken chow mein is 7.5, sorry! i knew it was around there! lol.


    The points given are for whole tray.

    Plain Boiled Rice 6.5
    Egg Fried Rice 10
    Mushroom Rice 4.5
    Shrimp Fried Rice 9.5
    Special Fried Rice 10
    Chicken Fried Rice 9.5
    Vegetable Fried Rice 9.5
    Rice Noodle ‘Singapore Style’ 5.5

    Black Bean Soup 3.5
    Hot and Sour Soup 2.5
    Chicken Noodle Soup 3
    Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup 2.5
    Szechuan Soup 4
    Seaweed (deep fried) 7.5
    Chicken Tikka per piece 1
    Chicken Seekh Kebab 4.5
    Sweet & Sour Sauce 3
    Carton Curry Sauce 2
    Prawn Won Ton each 1.5
    Spring Rolls each 5
    Beef Spring Roll 5
    Vegetable Spring Roll 5
    Chicken Spring Roll 5
    Mini Vegetable Spring Roll 0.5
    Aromatic Crspy Duck with Pancakes (per filled Pancake) 7.5
    Duck with Chinese Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots 9
    Duck with Pineapple 11
    Bamboo Prawns 4.5
    BBQ Spare Ribs 10
    BBQ Prawns 10
    BBQ Pork 8.5
    Beef Curry 9.5
    Beef Chop Suey 6
    Beef Chow Mein 8.5
    Beef Noodles 3.5
    Beef Satay 6
    Beef in Black Bean Sauce 8
    Beef with Cashews 8.5
    Beef with Celery 6
    Beef with Noodles 10.5
    Beef with Peppers 5.5
    Beef in Oyster Sauce 8
    Beef Szechuan 12
    Braised Duck 13.5
    Braised Prawns with Vegetables 3
    Butterfly Prawns 7.5
    Char Sui Pork 4
    Char Sui Noodles 5
    Chicken Curry 9
    Chicken Noodles 3.5
    Chinese Mixed Pickles 1.5
    Chicken with Cashew Nuts 6.5
    Chicken Chop Suey 6
    Chicken Chow Mein 7.5
    Chicken Foo Yung 7.5
    Chicken Satay 5.5
    Chicken Stick 2.5
    Chicken Szechuan 4
    Chicken with Asparagus 6
    Chicken with Almonds 5.5
    Chicken Foo Yung 7.5
    Chicken in Blackbean Sauce 8
    Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Yellow Bean Sauce 6.5
    Chicken with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce 5
    Chicken in Oyster Sauce 8
    Chicken and Cashew Nuts 6.5
    Chicken with Lychees 5.5
    Chicken with Pineapple 3
    Chicken with Mushroom 3
    Chicken with Water Chestnut 5
    Chinese Vegetables 1
    Chilli and Salt Ribs 10
    Chow Mein, plain 4
    Combination Chop Suey 4.5
    Crab in Ginger Sauce 2.5
    Crispy Chilli Beef 12
    Crispy Fish in Chilli Sauce 6.5
    Curried Beef 8
    Dim Sim 1
    Gow Gee 2.5
    Ham & Chicken Roll 5
    Ham Ball 0.5
    Honey Prawns 9.5
    Hors D’oeuvre Roll 2
    Pork & Lettuce Roll 2
    Sesame Toast Fingers (each) 0.5
    Fillet Steak Chinese Style 5
    Garlic Pork Rashers 18
    Ginger Beef 5.5
    Ginger Shallot Chicken 11
    Hoi Sin Chicken 12
    Honey Chilli Chicken 11.5
    Honeyed Chicken and Pineapple 12.5
    Kung Po Chicken 7.5
    King Prawns with Mushrooms 3
    King Prawn Chow Mein 5.5
    King Prawns with Ginger and Vegetables 7.5
    King Prawn Chop Suey 3
    King Prawn Chow Mein 5.5
    King Prawn Omelette 7
    King Prawns on Toast 2.5
    King Prawn Sate 2.5
    Lamb with Lemon and Spring Onions 7.5
    Lemon and Ginger Chicken 5.5
    Lemon chicken 7.5
    Mixed Chinese Vegetables in Oyster Sauce 4.5
    Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein 4.5
    Mushroom Noodles in Oyster Sauce 6.5
    Mushroom Chow Mein 4.5
    Mushroom Foo Yung 4.5
    Noodle Baskets 7
    Noodles and Beansprouts 4.5
    Plain Chow Mein 4
    Prawn Curry 8
    Prawn Crackers (the bag full) 5
    Prawns with Ginger & Vegetables 7.5
    Prawn Chop Suey 3
    Prawn Sate 2.5
    Prawn Spring rolls 5
    Prawn Egg Fu Young 6.5
    Pork Chop Suey 6
    Pork Chow Mein 8.5
    Pork Ribs with Chilli Plum Sauce 13
    Pork & chicken with black bean sauce 6
    Rice Noodles Singapore Style 5.5
    Roast Pork Cantonese Style 4.5
    Scallop and Vegetable Combination 4.5
    Sesame Chicken Salad 3
    Sesame Lemon Chicken 6
    Sizzling Steak 7
    Sherried Beef with Spinach 6.5
    Shredded Chicken with Mushroom 5
    Shrimp Foo Yung 6.5
    Singapore Chow Mein 7.5
    Singapore Noodles 5.5
    Special Chop Suey 6
    Special Chow Mein 7.5
    Special Vermicelli 5.5
    Spiced Chicken 15.5
    Spiced Pork 18.5
    Spicey King Prawns 4
    Special Chow Mein 7.5
    Squid with Broccoli 5.5
    Steamed Pork Bun 3.5
    Stir Fried Beef with Spring Onions 5
    Stir Fried Vegetable 3.5
    Stir Fried Beansprouts with Garlic and Spring Onion 2.5
    Stuffed Chicken Wing 1
    Sweet and Sour Chicken 8
    Sweet and Sour Beancurd 3.5
    Sweet and Sour Chicken (balls or Cantonese Style) 10
    Sweet and Sour King Prawn Balls 9
    Sweet and Sour Pork Balls 10
    Sweet and Sour Pork Chop 11
    Szechuan Prawns with Vegetables 5
    Vegetable Curry 7
    Banana Fritters 7.5
    Chinese Custard Tart 2
    Chocolate Ginger Lychee 1
    Honey Walnuts 8.5
    Hot Ice Cream Balls 15.5
    Melon with Champagne 2.5
    Strawberry Sorbet 1.5
    Toffee Apple 7.5
    Toffee Banana 10
    Watermelon in Ginger Wine 1.5
    Ice Cream 6
    Fortune Cookies 2
    Fried wonton 1
    Lychees (6) 1.5
  8. xKimmyRx

    xKimmyRx soon to be slim...x

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    Ahh u r a star thank u !!

    I didnt realise how not bad a takeaway could be !

    Mmm lol xx
  9. kelz89

    kelz89 Full Member

    i know thats what i thought when i read it! i guess its just eating it in moderation! :) enjoy xx
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