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Talked into doing week three..


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Got weighed on week two today and saw a 7 pound loss, I'm really pleased. :bliss:
I talked to the pharmacist about going on maintenance because I wasn't sure if I could hold out any longer. Plus my son got a bit upset a couple of days ago, he had been worrying that I was poorly and that was why I couldn't eat. Even though I had explained to him at the start why I was doing it he had kept all this worry in. I felt awful that my son thought I was ill.
We had lots of cuddles and I said he could come to my weigh in and have a chat with the nice lady who was helping mum lose weight. He seemed much happier with this.
The pharmacist encouraged me to do another week and then talk about maintenance as it would save me being on maintenance longer, I felt encouraged.:rolleyes:

I think I can do this, I hope.:innocent0001:
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well done speedmonkey (weired user name for a lady)..

bless your wee boy..is'nt it great that someone is looking out for you
Well done on your second week 7lbs is sooo great...keep it up!!!


Always Laughing
Thank you for your kind words!

speedmonkey is an odd name, I got it when I was 16 when I used to run at athletic tournaments and it kind of stuck. my real name is Keeley. I think I might treat myself to one of those spangly names at the bottom of the post

My son can be a little monster like all boys but he is such a sweetie.
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What awesome weight losses you have had and you are not even obese! thats great - you will almost be at healthy bmi then if you do it for one more week - thats brill....

You sound like a super cool mum btw xox


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well done, and good for you for sticking to it, and educating your son by taking him along with you, the more kids understand the more kids understand! if that makes sense!



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Well done hunni fab loss.... I explained it to my 2 sons... i told them mummy had eaten lots of bad foods which had made her fat, so nw she had to drink these medicine drinks to be healthy again...and thats why they were also being cut back on sweets etc..so they never had to drink these horrible drinks lol
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Well done Keeley for 2 brilliant weeks of losses and for sticking to LT for another week. I'm sure you will cope and will be that much closer to your goal.

What a sweet little boy you have. I explained the diet to all 3 of my children and they have been great about it. They are so sweet about telling me how well I am doing and how good I am looking (inbetween fighting amongst themselves!! Lol!)

Good luck for this week.



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Great loss Speedy :D

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