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target Weights!

How have you all decided on a target weight, looking at everyones stats most of you have got your target under the 25 BMI. Mine is higher than that!

Does it have to be within this range for LL? i.e. will I only be allowed to enter RTM when I am a healthy BMI!

I set my target at 12 stone, but when I get there I might loose a bit more, I want to be a size 14 in River Island, that is my target! Not sure what I will weigh when I am there.

Is this that important do you think!!!
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Hi, I wanted to be in the middle of a healthy BMI! Though in reality I too am thinking of a specific clothes size and will see what weight I am when I am there - I don't know how I will feel at 12stone, let alone 10 and a half (my target)! x x x


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You will know when you get there!!! It's not set in stone.

Just listen to the bit of you that says, 'Yeah, I feel good now!!', not the bit that reads you must be this weight at that height and age!!!
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i changed mine lots of times
originally i wanted to be 10.4 as that was the lowest adult weight i could remember being and i was happy then

when i got there tho my bmi was stil overweight and i realised that i could actually get to a healthy bmi with LL

i didn't think i wanted to be 9 stone anything - i'm now 8.11 and am amazed i'm here

i could go lower still if i wanted to but i'm really happy to stay around this mark (i did drop to under 8.7 which i did think was a bit low for me to maintain easily at )

you will know when the time is right!

i never dreamt i would be where i am
and i wouldn't have been if it hadn't been for LL!

daisy x
S: 18st12lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 6st3lb(32.95%)
Hi Wobbly

I set my goal at BMI 22 - largely because it is the middle of the healthy weight range and gives me a management buffer. As my original thought was for 9.07 I actually set it at 9.06 as that weight is exactly 50% of my starting weight.

Goals and targets along the way are good. You can always move the final goal posts as you progress - no one will make you stop or keep going unless you start getting to an nhealthily low weight.

As FT says - you'll know when the time is right to start RTM. xx
My goal was always 22 as I know that's my 'fighting weight'.

You can go into RTM any time you want, even if you're still classed as overweight. It's all down to how you feel really but obviously your LLC will probably encourage you to get to a healthy BMI before RTM unless you're doing LL for something in particular (eg a wedding) where you'll want to eat by a certain date.

Good luck making your decision xx
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I have two target weights. The first is 12 stone.... as I can't ever remember being that weight... and I've only ever once crept under 13st since I was 12-13 :(
Because its a barrier, then I think maybe I'll be more exited about smashing that than reaching my second target weight.... I can see myself crying and everything ;)

My second is my omg, how-amazing-would-that-be weight. And thats 136lbs (trying to work it out in stone - hmm) but anyhows that would be 100lbs off and slap bang in the middle of the healthy bmi.

But yeah... to me the most important ones the first goal.... after that its seeing where I feel comfy rather than achieving a set BMI. So go for your size 14's and do whats best for you. :)
S: 22st1lb C: 13st0lb Loss: 9st1lb(41.1%)
I don't have a target as such. I always knew I needed to lose around 10 stones to get into the healthy BMI range. I've kind of plumped for the middle of the healthy BMI range but I don't know if that's realistic or will suit me. Clothes-wise, I'm finding it hard to say I'll stop when I get to x size. I'm still a size 18 in some shops, but in sizes 10 and 12 in others, it's crazy.

People are already starting to say to me that I shouldn't lose any more but I'm not happy yet by any means so I just have to take what they say with a pinch of salt and go by how I feel.

I've already accepted that I will probably not be in RTM before the New Year and i'm happy with that. It takes a lot of pressure off when planning Christmas and if I am ready to go into RTM then I will. However that's only just over 13 weeks away!


Playing the Angel
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Hey Hun

I was like Daisy, and changed my goal loads of times. But I have now got to the point where I feel comfortable, my BMI is just under 22 which is in a good range. I know have a few kg as a buffer, but as everyone has very correctly posted, only you will know whe you get there. I was very obsessed with a kilo weight as opposed to anything else, when I got there I realised I wanted to do a little bit more:)

Good Luck



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I just had a chat with my LLC about target weights this afternoon!

The weight I want to get to and maintain is 7.5 stone (about 2 stone lower than I am now; I just scrape 5' so it's normal for me). I *had* been aiming for 7 stone before I went into RTM, but my LLC has said that's too low (BMI of 21).

Basically I'm going to see what my weight is when my group finishes Foundation (at the end of Nov - I'm 2 weeks behind them). I'll either go onto Developers or LLL for a bit, or start a condensed RTM with an eye to completing by the end of December. Hurrah!
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