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Hi everyone, I just wondered did everyone set a target weight when they started? I didn't as I always seem to set it so low that I never get there! :mad:
Anyhow started back at SW and last night had my 9th weigh in I have so far lost 1 1/2 stone & got my club 10 :D I'm starting to think that I should maybe set a target as I think I am about 1 stone away from where I feel comfortable, however keep thinking I should put it off and maybe just keep going? any thoughts
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I didn't set any target - except for personal goals - for months. I didn't even set the first personal goal for two months (what weight I would want to be for my brother's wedding in August 2009) as I wanted to see how my weight losses would settle down.

As to an overall target weight - I'd wait till you got there - you will know when you're ready to stop loosing and start maintaining - and that may be heavier or lighter then you may think now. It also means you can concentrate on the smaller steps without that daunting final figure hanging over you and, as you say, seemingly so far away (and potentially leading to thoughts of "why am I bothering - it's going to take ages to get there").

Don't let anyone pressure you into setting a target weight - till you're ready to set it.

Good luck and well done so far.


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I wouldn't be in any hurry to set yourself a target. The little achievements and targets along the way seem more attainable and I found that once I started racking those up and believed in my ability to lose I could think about it more.
I still don't know what my target is, it all depends on how I feel and look at the time. When I first started SW I thought it was so unlikely that I would ever get to 90kg that was my first target, now I'm about 87kg and think 75kg may be good even though I think that would still leave me 'obese' on the BMI chart. Play it by ear and the answer will come to you! Well done on your losses so far - you're doing great.


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I haven't set a target with group but I have a target in my mind which was my weight 2 years ago when I was very happy with my body.

Officially I am waiting to see how things go as I may find that I'm happier heavier or that I want to shed a few extra. I don't want to have to start doing under hand tactics just to get to a "target" I want to be happy in myself and still eating healthy enjoyable food.
thanks guys :D that's what I was thinking I'd rather wait cos I would secretely like to be less than I was last time I was what I consider 'thin'
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I didnt set a target as such but i knew i would like at least 5 stone off but that did depend on what i looked like .... now i am getting closer to the 5 stone mark, I think Im going for 6 stone even though i look like a different person now and feel amazing .... I dont want to stop now ... I want to go all the way to where i want to be and would like to weigh 11 stone 6lb which will take me into the healthy BMI area instead of obese but am really taking each week as it comes.

Trish x
Well done that's amazing :D
I'm currently 12 stone 2, but last time I list weight I got down to just over 11 stone & was happy at that, but really I would like to be around 10 stone but I tend to look drawn in the face when I weigh too low so think I'm gonna play it by ear


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I've set mine at 12st exactly, which is 2st 8lb away. I know that I need to not have this huge loss hanging over me before I get to target. Once I get there, I'll reset for 10st.


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I think it depends, if there's a weight you have been in recent years and would like to get back there then you could set it for that? Or just wait and see how you feel when you get there.

I've been big ever since I was a child (in fact I weigh over a stone less now than when I was 12) So I have no idea what I would like my taret weight to be. All that's important to me is that it is in the healthy BMI range, not to close to the bottom or the top and a weight that I can be comfortable at and maintain for the rest of my life.
S: 12st10lb C: 10st6lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 20.9 Loss: 2st4lb(17.98%)
My c has asked me twice about when whether I was ready to set target. I am currently 11st 13lbs 5foot 10inches tall and would ideally like to lose another stone. The last time I did S W I got down to 10st 4lbs but reaslise looking back at photos that I looked drawn also in my face, in fact I looked ill in retrospect. But she said she would not let me go down too much. I am just in the healthy range in our booklet which we are given when joining.I would like to be in the middle of that range, so am taking it day by day. I am such a slow loser anyway that I am just happy to lose my first stone, then get to club 10 (11st 6lbs) then see what I look like. I will know when I am ready, and so will you. Good luck


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hi, i haven't set a target with my 'c', but, i have one in my head, i'm not going by height and weight charts, but, one where i finally feel comfortable, i know i'm finally able to see the smallest light at the tunnel, so hopefully by end of year. good luck:D


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I have been doing SW since May 2010 and still haven't set a target yet. In my mind i would love to get to 9st 7lb but the smallest i have got to in recent years has been 10st 2lb. Currentl 13 st 1/2lb, so some way to go yet. I guess it is best to do what feels right for you. Good luck x
Hi. When i first started i was 10.5 stone and im 5'3 and a bit so was overweight.

My initial target was 9 stone that i reached in September. Since gaining 5lb over xmas i decided i still wasn't happy so lowered my target to 8'4.

its all about when you feel comfortable and happy with yourself. Im now 8.10 so almost there xx good luck to you all you can do it xx


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G: 10st7lb
I set my target to be slap bang in the middle of the healthy bmi range, this might change depending on how I feel as time goes on though.
Thanks everyone I'm currently down to 12.2 & have always had 10 stone in mind but gonna play it by ear & as long as I'm in the healthy range for BMI & feel good then I'll know when it's time to stop

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I set a target at my first WI, even though it wasnt a "real" target *laughs*

Ive given myself 1lb a week, so therefore its 3stone to Christmas! So I needed to lose 3st 8lbs to get to 12 stone. So....thats the target for Christmas! :)
Good luck seems doable, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I've got a wedding to go to in august & want to look good in a dress by then :D

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S: 15st8.5lb C: 15st8.5lb G: 12st13lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yeah its 1lb per week, no stress or anything :) I dont want to think ive got x amount and stress out.
My cousin gets married in 20 weeks, so i could be 1stone and a half lighter by then! And its a Wedding Im going to at a guest not working at which is stranger! :D

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