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Target (what a lovely thought)


Just doing it this time
I think you need to weigh in once a month to keep your lifeline online membership current.
We have a lot of target members who come every 3 to 4 weeks.
I went every single week.
It depends if you want to keep SW as a weekly part of your life or relax a bit and just go every few weeks to keep an eye on your weight.


Just doing it this time
thanks for the replies. I really don''t want to go weekly when I finally get to target = I did think about going in every other week, at first, to keep an eye on my weight and once I've mastered maintaining - IF I ever do - then I shall go in to class once a month unless I'm having a difficult time IYKWIM.
Yep, Jaylou is right, its at least once a month. This keeps your membership live and also the access to the online stuff. Im intending to go weekly though anyway, I would find it too easy to slip back, plus I am part of the social team so I need to be there anyway.
That's why I go MLM. I've managed to gain and that's by going to group each week, I know that I would have put all my weight back on if I didn't go to group each week. It's just the way I am - I have to have that weekly weigh in to stop me piling it all back on again!


Just doing it this time
i rarely use the online helpline anyway - but I could see that IF you were to slip below or go over the allowance on weight maybe you'd have to pay for that weeks class AND membership again???

Anyway, I also agree that its exceptionally difficult to maintain and in the the past I have lost 2 stones and regained two stones so I probably will need to go - at least - fortnightly though.

Thanks again for your replies.
I've only got to lose another 1.5lb to get to target and I'm planning on carrying on going every week. It's a chance to catch up with people you don't see away from class. I always enjoy the Image Therapy sessions anyway.



I want to be fitter again
Have you tried logging onto the website though Rosie? It did say you needed to go monthly to keep the account active.
No i haven't and i understand the password protocol has changed too. I don't eat much with syns so haven't really needed to xxxxxxx
I had a read through the FAQ's on the SW site yesterday, it doesn't say how often you need to go to keep your membership active, just says "it would be nice to see you often etc etc".
Although to keep lifeline online active you do need to get weighed once a month.
Hope this helps. x

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