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Congratulations!! Well done to you.


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Well done Eve! That's great. What advice did your C give you for maintaining? I am 6lbs from target and I know it sounds odd but I'm getting kind of nervous! It's almost like graduating from uni or leaving school!!! That feeling of "what now?"


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A huge well done to you.. now comes the hard part.. eating more so you maintain.. :)


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Congratulations....what a tremendous job you've done. I hope I can do half as well as you!! Now it's time to celebrate!!


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CONGRATS EVE!!! Well done!!!


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eat one extra hex b every other day if u still lose then an extra b every day but apart from that stay on plan
and yes i think this is were the hard work will begin :(

*Sally Cinnamon*

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Super well done....hope you are gonna treat yourself for all your hardwork xx


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Wow well done eve thats fantastic i have 8 stone to loose. Can i ask you how long it took you to reach target? just being as nosey moo but i'm interested lol. But you;ve done soo well and well done again :D


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Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement! You must be so pleased :)


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Well done Eve. You must feel completely amazing. Good luck with your maintaining journey.

Gail x


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Well Done!! I'm so proud of you!!! I joined/started not long after you, and tried to match weight-loss-stalk you!!! I soon realised that I was in the presence of someone much more determined!!!

Can I ask a REALLY cheeky and personal question? (you don't have to answer if you don't want to..) Weren't you tempted to lose another couple of pounds, just so you could get ANOTHER shiny?!!??!! I'm sorry if I've tarred you with the same brush as me, it's just that I'm a sucker for a shiny sticker :D ;)


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Brilliant! Big congratulations to you. xx

(Don't worry about maintaining too much, it's still all in your hands and up to you. There isn't an invisible force that'll make you put it all back on)


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well done eve!!!! Fabby work you have done brilliantl!y!

Helen xxxx


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That's fantastic! Well done! I can't wait for that feeling of success :)