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I Can Do This!
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I like most of them and love the banana and vanilla shakes. I honestly am very happy eating the packs and even after 28 weeks I love the taste.

My average week supply comprises two types of bar, three types of shakes and four varieties of soup.

All very personal taste opinion though.


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There actually really nice :)
I did it in January and re-starting on saturday and there quite scrummy! You can add coffee and some ice to a vanilla shake and voila = frapaccino! or add some tabasco to the tomato sauce and its scrummidididdle! haha!
I think they've introduced porrige since i started as well so a little bit more of a stable breakfast :) which i guess you could add a sweetener to :)
I lost 1 stone 7lbs in 2 weeks in Jan before i had to leave for family issues and im so determined to go and succeed again!
Lots of Love


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i love them - as td said adding coffee to vanilla is lovely (and to the chocolate one)
daisy x

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Yes. You can.
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I love em. You can do a lot with them.

Don;t expect anything to be wonderful. It jut needs to be palatable and give you your nutrition....approaching them with a positive attitude helps too. :)

I like all the flavours. :)


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Having done both LL and CD....I think they taste rather similar. The powdered ones anyway. I don't know if LL have any ready made things now, but they didn't when I did it years ago. I might all be different for all I know!


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I am a chef, and was really worried about living off very fake flavoured pre packaged food, but I love all the packs and they taste so much better than I ever thought, feel I will miss them when I am finally back on the real food. As others have pointed out, have a look at the recipes, there is so much you can do with them, it really doesn't have to be boring :)

Good luck whatever decision you make diet wise.

They are palatable - that is to say, they don't make me gag, or taste "fake", But don't expect them to be "satisfying" either - they are designed to give you the nutrition you need, not to be enjoyed.

Of course, everyone is different and likes different things, and as you do the program your tastes will change as well. I now only have the chocolate shakes and the cranberry bars as that's I like the most, sometimes I'll have a porridge as well.

There are quite a few things you can do with the packs, to try and keep it from getting boring, but ultimately you just have to accept that you are going to be having the same things over and over and over, and that it is more than worth doing when you see the fat melting away.

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