Tattoo's - how do they look when we shrink!??


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Weird question but can anyone tell me how their tattoos have looked having lost weight?

I have four, but the ones I am most wondering about are the one on my tummy and the one at the base of my spine (near my muffin top!!).

Do they look kind of skewed after or do they shrink with us???
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Great question - I was wondering from the other end of the telescope lol - had my one on my boob when I was about 6st lighter and it's gone really pale, basically the same shape but bigger. I'm hoping as I lose weight it will go back to how it was before.


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He he... it's funny, when I did my 'before' photo's I chuckled to myself that I'd got a bargain with the tattoo on my back as it has quadrupled in size!!!!

Keep me posted then!! xx


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Thanks for posting this, by the way... it's one of those things I've wondered but haven't really been able to find someone who'd know the answer. :)


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I was thinking of having a tattoo, but am going to wait until I reach my goal. It will be one of my treats for being soooooooo good.


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I have lots of tattoos:D I also worried about wether they would look like a crisp bag baked in the oven:eek:

Much to my delight they look fine and seemed to stay the same but flatter;):D


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Just lukd at ya pics u luk amazin,love ya tats:cool:


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God I hope we're all as lucky then minilady! I think you are right tho Gaynor, wait till you're the size you wanna be then it'll be a nice treat!!



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I have a couple of tattoos. Ive half way "ish" to goal and my tattoos look the same. No change at all. I have one at the base of my spine and one in between my shoulder blades which is quite big.

Planning two more on my wrists as a gift to myself for reaching goal!


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Yeah I think that's a great idea as a 'pat yourself on the back' gift! xx

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well, I have one on my thigh of a mermaid - she takes up most of my thigh.

I have just lost nearly 10 stone. Oddly enough, she has lost weight too!!! SHe looks better now as well- taller and slimmer. :D
THe others I have were nto affected at all, and to celebrate my loss, and all that it encompassed, I am treating myself to a new one this spirng/summer. It will be nice to have shoulderblades now - so I will know where to have it placed without guessing!! :D :D :D


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I have one on each upper arm, one on my shoulder blade and one on my ankle. They all seem to be pretty much the same so far, after more than 9 stones gone so I'd say you'll be ok :)

Love Dee x


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as a tattooist tattoos are better shrank than stretched. i wouldnt worry too much about it you will find they will get smaller with you


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i have lots of tattoos :D

i have one of what used to be a cat on my stomach...put with pregnancy, weight gain, and stretch marks it now looks like a zebra :yuk: