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Tea (what's allowed?) & Coffee (what's good?)


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hello everybody!

hope you're having a wonderful thursday. i started Cambridge on Sunday and I've lost nearly 5lbs and i feel FANTASTIC!!!

i do have a couple of questions though:

Coffee! At work, we drink instant as we have no coffee machine. What are your favourite instant coffees?

Tea: I've checked with my CDC and she said that fruit teas are not allowed because of sugar, but leaf teas are fine. What about floral teas like jasmine, and english rose tea? Is this allowed? I know Jasmine is a "white" tea, does this make any difference?
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Hi there, firstly well done on your 5lb loss since Sunday :) and welcome to minimins :) Ok so coffee, my preferred instant is kenco - purely because it is a mild, velvety flavour - not so bitter without milk like others can be (ie. nescafe) Teas, floral teas are a no go area as they knock you out of ketosis and can leave you feeling hungry. Herbal teas are the only teas allowed - ie. peppermint tea, or my personal favourite "white tea" by Clipper (it's about £2 in supermarkets and in a green pearly box). Earl grey is a good aromatic tea, and darjeling is another favourite! Good luck on your journey x x x


Likes to eat
Thanks emma for the advice and the welcome - I'll have to look out for that tea!!

I'm confused now - my CDC has just told me that florals are fine and it's just fruities that knock you out of ketosis. aaaaaaah! I think I'll try it, and get some ketosticks so I can decide for sure!
I highly recommened Lyons Fresh Ground Coffee in one-cup bags - (you use them like tea bags) its like perculated coffee - lovely and so much nicer than instant!!
You can get them in Tesco in a green box
i drink Kenco Really Rich or Dow Egberts (SP?) and i am also very fond of the Clipper White Tea, it is full of antioxidants and also i do drink the odd cup of Redbush tea too. But mainly water and more water x


please try again
i lurrrrrrrve my green tea!

oh and welcome to minimins lol


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my CDC has just told me that florals are fine and it's just fruities that knock you out of ketosis
No, that's incorrect. Just teas from the leaf allowed such as black tea, mint tea, nettle tea, redbush tea, green tea, white tea.

Jasmine, chamomile, fennel and earl grey.

TMI alert!

I also prefer brewed coffee but don't have very often. Had 2lge mugs the other day out shopping and spent forever on the loo. It most certainly stopped any constipation. I was gobsmacked, i'd heard others say it has this effect but didn't quite believe it!

The nescafe new 'green blend' coffee is nice and smooth, or i love dowe egberts continental gold. Just cannot do black tea of any description.


Likes to eat
thanks for clearing that up! i'll just not drink any florals then :cry: it's worth it!

i luckily haven't opened the packet of jasmine pearls I bought yesterday, and still have my receipt. i'll take it back today and switch for some white tea.

thanks again- hope you're all having a lovely friday :)
I have to try this clipper white tea, had never heard of it before.

Have tried to drink green tea in the past, I know its very good for one's health but it tasted so bitter- perhaps give it another go.


please try again
bling babe, the only way i have my green tea to avoid bitter taste is to put cold water in first and then add the hot water, dont know why but if its boiling hot i dont like the taste, lol

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