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Team vacancies?


taking control (again)
Hello Irene,

I hope you don't mind me posting here, but I was wondering if I would be allowed to set up a new Team please? I've had 2 wonderful offers to join current Teams and I am sure I would be very welcomed by either of them, but I was wondering if a new Team might be a possibilty?

Pretty please? With a shake on top? ;)
I second that motion lol
you need 6 people and one of you will be team captain

Next team number is 23 and you might want to decide on a name

Rules etc are at top of the page in the stickies

Just let me know if you need any help

Irene x
I know I'll probably get shot down for saying this but here goes. The teams that are already here have spaces that need filling, if new teams keep being created rather than refilling the current ones then the current ones will end up with no one in them so will have to stop. I don't think this is fair to the people in the current teams.
What I'm saying is that new teams should only be created if there are no spaces available on the current teams.
There are a lot of people who would be jumping for joy at being offered a place in 2 teams!
Hey Kelly I understand what your saying, but we started a thread 'feb starters thread' and as you will probably see there are far more people there than there are available team spaces. We thought if we created one new team then the new people left over could join the already existing teams and therefore no-one would be left out.. if that made any sense lol
If us setting up a new team is unfair to current teams then we're happy not to though.
But if we are going ahead with number 23 then I vote Mat is the team leader! lol
I totally see both sides but can understand why new members want to start a team together. I liken it to moving into a new house easier if everyone is new to the street together than move into an existing street. So Team 23 is in the process of being set up

Irene xx
Lighten up mat, meant in jest, however I do think that our team is the best, and stand by the point that Kelly makes.

Enjoy the snow folks!
Hi every1, I started SS yesterday:cry: I was wondering if their were any team vacancies still available.
I really feel the support of a team would do me the world of good (a damsight more than people that I live with, as I type my husband is eating a mars bar beside me):jelous:
Anyway would love to join a team so let me no if there is room for another please.


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